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Best Practice Guidelines
Please click here for Reopening Face to face information
Please click here for Risk Assessment

Please click here for Health Questionnaire

Please click here for Remote teaching insurance explained

Please click here for Best practice Remote Teaching


We are aware that Sport England have issued guidance and the link to that guidance is here: https://www. help/coronavirus

But we are receiving numerous enquiries regarding how to interpret the guidance so we advise:

The following information relates to all Tiers 1 (medium), 2 (high) and 3 (very high).

HOWEVER if your area goes into Tier 3 localised lockdown other restrictions may apply and we advise you check with venues and your local LEA as to what this specific guidance for your area is.

Organised sporting or other fitness related activities are allowed (including personal training or coaching) to continue in groups of more than 6. This can be in any place, indoors or outdoors, other than a ‘private dwelling’ - a term which includes most outdoor space such as a garden.

In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and take all reasonable steps to limit transmission of the coronavirus by reference to that risk assessment and all relevant COVID-19 Secure guidance. .

When participating in organised sport, you must not mingle in groups of more than 6 before and after the activity. If an organiser is not able to ensure that no mingling takes place between sub-groups of no more than 6 (including when arriving at or leaving activity or in any breaks or socialising) then such events should not take place. Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with, even if they see other people they know, at all times during their visit.

Any sports coaches or trainers undertaking 1-1 sessions should ensure they conduct a thorough risk assessment before engaging in any sessions and follow Best Practice guidelines. This should include particular consideration for under 18s and vulnerable adults.

For all areas we suggest that you consult your local area restrictions, there are now multiple different procedures in place.  We cannot check all of these for you.  We advise that you screen shot current restrictions in your area and retain that information along with other information you would ordinarily retain for each class taught.  You will then be covered for insurance purposes.

There is contradictory information relating to teaching sport and exercise in a private dwelling (which includes gardens of private dwellings).  If you have checked your local guidance and this is still not clear you will need to contact us for individual advice.  We are trialling this approach today because it may be that we will be inundated and cannot cope with the volume of communications coming in.  Please bear with us.  

Emails should go to or  

Please ONLY contact us if you have checked your local restrictions and it is still not clear.

Gillian & Wendy


Please click here and here for the latest information updated on the Sport England Website

COVID Alert Level 1 (Medium). If you’re in an area in COVID Alert Level 2 (High) or 3 (Very High) the same applies but you do need to check local restrictions.

Medium Tier - Level 1 classes can continue providing risk assessment done, distancing , ventilation and sterilizing. Rule of 6 is only for socialising not for professional classes.
High Tier - Level 2 and Tier 3 Very High as above but will need to check their local restrictions


*Please Note: This information will be reviewed overnight as we are aware Local Guidance is different.*
The information can be found here we have sought guidance from Sport England and will clarify more tomorrow -

Following the latest government announcement we have the following update for England only but we will be reviewing this information overnight and keeping a close eye on Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland updates:

No group teaching indoors or outdoors. Youth and disability classes are exempt and may continue.

Teaching groups outdoors is permitted. Indoor group teaching to be reviewed - Youth and disability classes are exempt and may continue.

We believe we can continue as before with no change. However, the rule of 6 has been mentioned and this was previously only for social situations. We must seek clarification from Sport England.

We understand GYY to fall within disability but will seek further clarification and confirm.

Gillian Osborne
Vice Chair

Please Click here for Facebook live notes from October 1st

Current First Aid Training Guidance - Please click here

NHS Test and Trace
  • It is now a legal requirement to collect customer data, to support NHS Test and Trace.
  • From Thursday 24 September, all gyms and leisure venues in England must display an NHS QR code, and collect customer data, to support NHS Test and Trace.QR codes can be easily created and printed from here.
  • If you deliver classes in a venue, please ensure that the venue is displaying a QR code. If it is not, you should provide one for your class.
  • For children’s classes, parents should scan the QR code.
  • If you deliver classes outdoors, you should create your own QR code to enable customers to check-in to each class.
  • Customers can check in to your venue or class by scanning the code using their phone camera. For any customers unable to do this, you should keep a separate log of attendees and keep this for 21 days.
For further information please see

Latest Government Guidelines
There are exceptions where groups can be larger than 6 people.

As part of the new rule of 6, you are still permitted to teach one to one, or in groups, in either your own home or the home of a client.
The guidance on teaching face to face in the teacher’s home would be the same as a venue. i.e. the same as the guidance that is incorporated into our best practice for teaching indoors at the moment. You would treat the home as a venue. If you are teaching in the home of a client, you are not responsible for any of the safety measures because that is the client’s home, they are responsible for their own safety in their home environment. It would be you that would need to consider as a teacher whether you felt that you were at risk. If the client had been abroad for example and was supposed to be in 14 days quarantine, it certainly would not be recommended for your own safety. In a client’s home you are under no obligation to ask the client or the family to observe hygiene measures.


Update for ENGLAND:

In light of yesterday's 9 September 2020 government updates we can happily confirm that we are able to continue to operate as we are. There are no changes to how Yoga indoor and outdoor sessions are running.

Yoga is not primarily a socialising activity and so we are in principle permitted to continue with our current best practice guidelines.

However venues are entitled to and may decide that they do not want to host Yoga classes so you will need to accept the decision of any venue hirer.

In the context of the new rules on gatherings in England, the Government has clarified that, from 14 September, people can continue to:
- use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools
- take part in organised indoor and outdoor physical activity, sports and exercise classes
- take part in organised outdoor sport and physical activity events
- take part in organised sports and activities that have been through Return to Play protocols

People should avoid travelling in groups, or gathering in social groups of more than six people within a facility. Otherwise there are essentially no changes to the existing guidance in a professional context.

It is very unsettling the continual changes, as before we will keep updating you regularly.

A message for our teachers and members from the Vice Chair:

Obviously we are aware that there has now been a substantial control exercised on outdoor gatherings. This does not appear to affect our yoga teaching at the moment. However, guidance from the government will be released during the day and we will give you updates as and when we fully understand the impact.

I know that many of you will be teaching today and tomorrow and over the weekend. I absolutely do understand that you urgently need to know where you are and I want you to know that we will do our very best to get information to you ASAP. For today, tomorrow and over the weekend follow existing measures. We will stand behind you for insurance purposes and if things need to change from Monday we will advise accordingly.

In yoga,


Click Here for the Facebook Live Notes 27th August 2020

Social Distancing - Mats
Please click here for mat diagram for social distancing


For Information on when to wear face coverings please see the link below.

Please note section 3 which details when a face covering can be removed including

'if you are undertaking exercise or an activity and it would negatively impact your ability to do so'


As of today, 29th July 2020 we may now teach outside up to 30 students, respecting 2m social distancing, ensuring a full risk assessment and detailed lesson plan completed for each class.
Carpeted rooms - if you teach in a carpeted room please do ask us for advice


Yoga Therapists teaching 1-1 in Wales for more information please go to:

Important information for Registrants practising in Wales

Dear Registrant

The Welsh Government have confirmed that close contact holistic services can reopen from today.

What does this mean for CNHC Registrants?
You can return to working 'hands-on' provided that you:

  • have full infection control measures in place
  • have confirmation that you are covered by your Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • comply with any local lockdown restrictions imposed in your area.

Guidance on returning to work

The Welsh Government's guidance for holistic services can be foundhere. It includes a restart risk assessment and a reopening checklist.

Note: This guidance diverges from UK Government guidance for close contact services in relation to high risk zones. It states that: "practitioners are currently strongly advised not to perform treatments that will bring them within the ‘highest risk zone’ of clients (defined as the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth, that may not be visible, can be present and pose a hazard from the client to the practitioner and vice versa)".

CNHC guidance on preparing to return to work can be found here.

Contact us
If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us

Click here for the Facebook Live notes from 16th of July

We have had confirmation from our insurers that the insurance will cover you to follow the guidelines for your particular country if they differ from the guidance that it set in place for England.

Guidelines for Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland are below.

Click here for the Facebook Live notes from 25th of June
Click here for the Facebook Live notes from 7th of July

Good News for our Yoga Therapists teaching 1-1
You can find all the up to date information here:

Please click here for the CPD Statement Update


Please click here for the Cap Code
Please click here for the Student Disclaimer Doc
Please click here for the student disclaimer Pdf
Please click here for the Facebook Live notes for 9th April 2020.
Notes Following the BWY Facebook Live with Vice Chair, Gillian Osborne, 2nd April 2020
are now available:
Please click here for the Word Document
Please click here for the PDF

Please click here for a PDF of a student health questionnaire
Please click here for a Word Document of a student health questionnaire
Please click here for Remote teaching Insurance explained
Please click here for student guidance - remote sessions

Please Click here to view the latest Webinar from The Institute of yoga sport science.

Please click here for the notes on Gillians Live Q&A from the 24/03/202.


Just to let you know that we have been working hard to find out what is possible for our Teacher Training courses and will be sending you all some information next week.

Meantime if there are any urgent questions you are welcome to contact Wendy Haring (BWYT Chair) on or Sarah Beck (BWYT TTO) on mail to:




We send out our warmest wishes to you, our members, and hope that you can take comfort in the gifts of yoga during these troubled times, bringing some light into the darkness.

In case of any doubt: face to face teaching, which we did not advise prior to the government’s announcement yesterday, is categorically no longer covered by insurance.

Stay safe, be well and keep close to your practice.

Come to our Facebook live today if you have questions.



Information from Webinar with YSS.

Please find below the video recording and resources.
YSS have confirmed that for Friday we have a capacity of 1,000 who will be able to view. You can also see via FB Live tomorrow by going to the YSS FB page.…



BWY Refund Policy For Booked Events 24th March 2020

If you are booked on a BWY event, the tutors/representatives will try and re-arrange this for a later date.

If you would rather receive a refund, please contact the tutors/representatives directly. Please do not go to Central Office.

Refund Information For Tutors/Representatives

For those attendees requesting a refund for an event please send a single email to with all the names and BWY membership numbers. This replaces the current process during this time.


CPD in times of Corona Virus: a message from NISTO/ your CPD officer Wendy Teasdill

As you will have realised, all IST/ CPD days have been postponed due to the current situation with Covid 19 containment. This coincides with the fact that we are about to change over to the new CPD system, which was due to take place after Congress. Now of course Congress has been cancelled but work on the transition continues. This should not affect your ways of accruing points/ hours.

If you are worried about how you can gain your CPD points/ hours, don’t be. If you are upskilling to deliver your classes online, for example, you can claim for the process. If you are watching the online webinars from the BWY you can claim two points/ hours for the two hours, and anything up to five points/ hours for the time it takes you to learn how to set it up.

Remember that IST/ CPD days are not the only ways of achieving points/ hours. Maybe you have time to increase your Svadhyaya – self-study. It could be as simple as taking your copy of the Bhagavad Gita off the shelf and reading it through with attention to how you might integrate the teachings into your practice and classes. Maybe you could study that wonderful yoga book you bought three years ago and have not yet had time to peruse. Remember – it is not enough to just read these things – but as long as you go through the process of making it your own ie. say how you can adapt what you learn to your practice and teaching – it will be valid.

The internet of course is awash with excellent resources. The BWY already has a comprehensive menu of online learning courses – look at:

- and we we will doubtless be offering more as the situation continues.

Yogic Studies – a Harvard-based platform - are offering a week’ of free unlimited access to yoga teachers to access their courses (which are highly recommended) after which you have the option to discontinue your trial membership, or begin to pay our $75 per month membership fee.:

You may embark upon your own self-directed course of Pranayama or meditation – in which case, keep a journal and, again – be prepared to identify at some point how you can take this into your teaching.

We have to adapt to survive. Enjoy.


Congress 2020

We have an important, but disappointing announcement to make to all those attending the BWY Congress Event at Warwick University on the 4-5th April 2020.

Our ultimate priority is the well-being of everyone attending this event. Given the current situation with COVID-19, it is with great regret that the BWY have taken the decision to cancel this year’s event.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment caused and we will be focusing our efforts on making Congress 2021 the best yet!

All exhibitors and ticket holders will be issued a full refund and we anticipate this being completed by the end of March.

We are looking at options to fulfil our obligations with regards to the AGM and will update members at the earliest opportunity.

We appreciate that this will likely raise questions and we appreciate your patience as we work through the situation.

Thank you for your understanding.

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