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An Introduction to Body Reading with Gary Carter Eastern Day of Yoga

19th June 2021
at Zoom

An Introduction to Body Reading with Gary Carter Eastern Day of Yoga

Tutor: Gary Carter

Date: 19th June 2021

Time: 11:30 - 13:30

Location: Zoom

Type of Event: Festival

Places Available: 0

An Introduction to Body Reading - Gary Carter - 11.30 – 1pm

Part of the Eastern Region International Day of Yoga Celebration

In this session Gary will introduce the concept of myofascial continuities from head to foot, explain the weights and masses of the body and their relationship in posture and movement within the body, encourage students to develop their visual skills to identify the patterns of posture and movement, explaining how to "see” body mechanics imbalances and find clear ways to correct or adjust them. Gary uses powerpoint presentation slides, anatomical photos and diagrams, skeletons & models to illustrate and introduce these concepts to the group.

GARY CARTER. KMI, IASI, YTTC, BAWLA, LTDip, Institute of Anatomical Sciences

Gary Carter has over 30 years of experience in movement, physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. With a background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, he himself has studied with many inspiring teachers. trainers and masters in their fields. This has culminated in a movement Training called ‘Myofascial Movement Training’. This training has profound effects for movement professionals of any modality. Gary started the Natural Bodies Centre in 1991 to teach, train and encourage kinaesthetic awareness, ease of movement, efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality into everyday life through revolutionised personal training techniques

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68 Raingate Street


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