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Keep your Immune system strong with Yoga and Ayurveda Eastern Day of Yoga

19th June 2021
at Zoom

Keep your Immune system strong with Yoga and Ayurveda Eastern Day of Yoga

Tutor: Tarik Dervish

Date: 19th June 2021

Time: 13:00 - 14:30

Location: Zoom

Type of Event: Festival

Places Available: 16

Tarik Dervish - 1-2.30pm 
How to keep your Immune system strong with Yoga and Ayurveda
Part of the Eastern Region International Day of Yoga Celebration

There has never been a more important time to address the issue of immunity. 
The immune system is very complex and is involved in virtually every function of the body. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the immune system is measured by the strength of our digestive fire (agni) and our capacity to generate ojas or vital essence, which our body needs to fight off disease. When our immunity is under siege, our body demands a lot of resources to mount an effective defence. If we are already weak, with high levels of toxicity, then it becomes an uphill struggle, and we could take longer to recover. In this session, I will introduce these two important ayurvedic concepts and discuss various yoga practices, herbs and foods we can use to help us maintain our protective functions so we stand the best possible chance of surviving a health crisis. 
Tarik Dervish is the current BWY Modules Officer, and an experienced Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Ayurvedic practitioner. He runs yoga classes online, co-tutors a BWYQ Yoga Teacher Training Certificate programme and a BWY accredited Ayurveda in Action Online course with Dr Cathy Mae Karelse. His book Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching will be published in November 2021. For more info, visit his website

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