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Supporting Students with Severe Anxiety, Panic Disorder or PTSD in a General Class (Part 2)

21st January 2023
at Boreham Wood Village Hall

Supporting Students with Severe Anxiety, Panic Disorder or PTSD in a General Class (Part 2)

Tutor: Louise FORTUNATO

Date: 21st January 2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Location: Boreham Wood Village Hall

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 30

Part 2 of the CPD days on Supporting students with severe anxiety, panic disorder or PTSD in a general class, ideally follows on from Part 1 and further explores the themes from the previous day. In addition, we will review contemporary research / thinking on yoga based applications for anxiety and trauma, as well as explore further techniques to hold or calm students in both classroom settings and on retreats where deeper, more introspective or psychological practices may arise. The tutor Prema Jyoti (Louise Fortunato) has extensive experience helping students with history of trauma, anxiety and panic disorders or PTSD. The CPD days are designed to better support existing yoga teachers and yoga therapists as they in turn support students in their general classes with these often undiagnosed or under reported conditions, particularly bearing in mind that COVID may have exacerbated or created anxiety / traumatic experiences. Although part 2 is more than just an introduction to the subject area, the emphasis is on students who may present with anxiety/trauma related conditions in a general class or on retreat rather than training teachers to hold specialist classes or 1:1 therapy.


Boreham Wood Village Hall
Main Road
Boreham, Nr Chelmsford


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About Louise FORTUNATO

Louise Fortunato (Prema Jyoti) is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Foundation Course leader, Integrated Yoga Therapist and mindfulness teacher. She has taught mindfulness, mainstream yoga and individual yoga therapy for many years and is trained also in marma therapy which she uses primarily in conjunction with her private practice for PTSD and anxiety. Having trained extensively as a yoga therapist for different health issues, her interest in trauma and experience in treating those with PTSD and anxiety stems from neuroscientific research around yoga practices in relation to the effects on the nervous system and changes to brain regions. She is the founder of Lucia’s Light which aims to help those with PTSD or generalised anxiety disorder to use yoga practices safely with targeted marma therapy as part of an integrated approach to move towards better mental and physical health.