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Finding Stability in an Uncertain World with Sabine Dahn

25th September 2022
at St. John's Church Memorial Hall

Finding Stability in an Uncertain World with Sabine Dahn

Tutor: Sabine DAHN

Date: 25th September 2022

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: St. John's Church Memorial Hall

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 21

Creating Stability in an Uncertain World - sthitadhῑḥ
The events of the last couple of years have brought the reality of uncertainty in our lives starkly into the forefront of our experience. The result has been a dramatic increase in insecurity, fear and difficulty maintaining stable mental health. This day translates the advice given in the Yoga Sutras to develop a host of practical strategies we can use in our classes to support students in re-establishing and maintaining stability. It is from a place of stability that we can face the storms around us with integrity and calm.
About Sabine Dahn

Sabine has been teaching yoga in group classes as well as individually with a therapeutic focus since 2008. Students are encouraged to integrate compassionate self-observation into their āsana and breath work and to cultivate a link between their observations in practice and their everyday lives.  She has run CPD events for teachers on mental health and currently offers a BWY Module on Yoga Therapy with two of her colleagues. She has worked extensively during the pandemic to support her students in creating stability, a positive frame of mind and resilience in the face of challenging events.  Her yoga teaching is supported by both, Buddhist practice and holistic self-care based on anthroposophy.


1. to introduce myself and give an overview of how uncertainty plays out in our lives and how various concepts within yoga explain the impact of this


2. to outline the cascading nature (from gross to subtle) of yoga tools at our disposal to re-establish a state of sthitadhῑḥ


3. to explore the qualities of āsana that are most appropriate to generate an experience of stability


4. to draw on Yoga Sutras 1.34 to explore how to use breath work to create a sense of stability


5. to teach a practice that illustrates some of the points of discovery


OBJECTIVES: By the end of the morning students will be able to:


1. have an understanding of uncertainty and how it impacts on us


2. have an understanding of the fundamental strategies we can use in a class to support students in re-establishing a sense of stability within themselves


3. Identify appropriate āsana to generate a felt experience of physical stability


4. Identify appropriate breath work to generate a deeper level of stability within students


5. have an experience of a practice that illustrates the aspects explored in the discussions





1. to investigate Yoga Sutra 1.35-39 for further methods to create stability in the mind


2. to give an experience of example practices as suggested in the Yoga Sutra


3. to explore Yoga Sutra 1.20 and various methods to use this Sutra for the purposes of creating stability


4. to draw on Yoga Sutra 3.9 and 3.14 to outline the necessity for and inherent potential in developing stability of the mind



OBJECTIVES: By the end of the afternoon students will be able to:

1. have an understanding of Yoga Sutra 1.35-39 and how we can translate the guidance within these sutra into practices for use in class


2. practice a variety of meditative practices, chanting practices, āsana with sound


3. have an understanding of the role of mental stability within yoga


4. have an understanding fo the difference between ‘reliable support’ and ‘unreliable support’ within the context of yoga


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Contact Details
Aslihan Yenigun-Erkaslan
West Essex & East London County Rep


St. John's Church Memorial Hall
Church Lane
IG10 1PF


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