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Ashtanga Yogam Intelligent Movement and Bandha

3rd February 2018
at Wilstead Village Hall

Ashtanga Yogam Intelligent Movement and Bandha

Tutor: Andy Gill

Date: 3rd February 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Wilstead Village Hall

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 3

Ashtanga Yoga, Intelligent movement principles and Bandha 
In this one day workshop Andy Gill will share his ideas and concepts on Safe intelligent movement practices and Bandha in Yoga Asana practice, within the framework of the Ashtanga Yoga framework. 
The concepts he will be sharing are simple, powerful and accessible and appropriate and useful for practitioners of all Styles of Yoga.
This workshop will both serve as an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga and also as an exploration of intelligent movement principles and Bandha. 
Intelligent movement and Bandha?

Yoga practice is a continual dynamic play between the opposites of Hard (structure) and Soft (flowing movement). Creating a light and effort-less practice requires the intelligent balance of appropriate internal structure (Bandha), intelligent movement principles and breath. 
Bandha is often misunderstood, not very often taught or explained well and can seem mysterious and inaccessible. Andy believes in making Bandha accessible and understandable to all Yoga practitioners whatever their style of practice. . 
Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful and dynamic flowing practice that often gets seen as a practice for the strong, young flexible people. As a practitioner in his 50’s Andy believes that Ashtanga is accessible to practitioners of all ages and abilities. 
Intelligent movement and the creation of Bandha in your Asana practice provides for strength, safety and stability in the physical body. When the body feels safe and stable the soft tissues can relax and surrender, allowing the body to become more flexible without straining and the practice to take on a more relaxed and effortless quality. 
In this workshop Andy will:
  • Share an experience of Ashtanga Yoga in safe and accessible way
  • Share intelligent movement principles and how to create Bandha 
  • Explain what Bandha is and why it is so important to safe sustainable Yoga practice
  • The elements of lightness and how to develop an effort-less practice!
This is a very much an experiential workshop. Whilst there will be an exploration of the theoretical aspects of Movement and Bandha, this is a practical workshop in which there will be plenty of opportunity to play and explore the concepts and principles Andy will share. 


Andy has been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. His Yoga journey has taken him through Hatha and Iyengar before he found his Yoga home in Ashtanga. 
Andy has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 12 years. He is a 3rd Series practitioner and has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching Primary, 2nd and 3rd Series asana practice in the Ashtanga method. Andy’s personal practice and study has taken him on several visits to Mysore in India, the spiritual home of Ashtanga Yoga where he worked with Sharath and Saraswati. Andy has also had the privilege to work with a number of top Ashtanga Yoga teachers including; John and Lucy Scott, David Swenson, Rolf and Marci Naujokat, David Keil, Dena Kingsberg, Greg Nardi and David Williams.
As a teacher and a practicing Life Coach Andy understands and respects the needs of the individual student, placing their needs at the heart of his teaching. He brings an informed and non-dogmatic approach to teaching Ashtanga whilst remaining consistent and true to the traditional method.
Open Days are for anyone who has practiced yoga for some time, and who wants to deepen their understanding.Please bring your yoga kit. The hall has underfloor heating. We will be sharing a vegetarian lunch together so please bring a food contribution, hot drinks will be provided free.

Please contact the event organiser Angela Davey at if you have any questions.


Wilstead Village Hall
Cotton End Road
MK45 3BX


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