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Sequencing Vinyasa Flow to Hanumanasana : Jacqueline Purnell

23rd June 2018
at The Costessey Centre

Sequencing Vinyasa Flow to Hanumanasana : Jacqueline Purnell

Tutor: Jacqueline Purnell

Date: 23rd June 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: The Costessey Centre

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 20

To follow on from her popular session in 2016, we are pleased to welcome Jacqueline back to The Costessey Centre to explore the journey of Sequencing Vinyasa Flow to Hanumanasana.

Aims of the Morning
  • To explain the physical origins of the postures leading towards Asymetrical standing postures, and their relationship to front splits.
  • To include the A & P required for teachers to enhance their students experience to open safely towards the keynote or a modification thereof.
  • To experience a revision of postures required to sequence vinyasa flows towards the keynote.
  • To practice their findings within the frameworks of vinyasa flows.
By the end of the morning students should.. 
  • Have explored the origins and benefits of splits
  • Have moved their bodies through the vinyasa flows leading towards the keynote posture, with suitable modifications (psychomotor)
  • Have practised organising said posture, with a handout to support learning (cognitive)
  • As participants feel energised and experience the effects of the practice leading towards the front splits. (affective)
Aims of the Afternoon
  • To lead a group session on sequencing in small discussion groups.
  • To lead a question and answer session at end of day

By the end of the afternoon students should.. 
  • Have qualified useful pavanmuktasana (psychomotor)
  • Have taken part in a group discussion sessions on sequencing including standing, kneeling, sitting and supine postures within sequences.(cognitive)
  • Discuss the session regarding motivation within a group format (affective) 
Teaching Material Used On The Day
  • Handouts, lesson planning handout , flip chart.
  • Methods of presenting the subject
  • Whole class teaching, Demonstration, student-led inquiry and discussion into vulnerable areas of the body and conditions and the safe delivery via sequencing to vinyasa of the keynote.
About the Tutor
Jacqueline is qualified to teach the BWY Foundation Course One and Two. A qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher, she also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga.

Jacqueline is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and has completed Astanga Vinyasa teacher training in India with the late Derek Ireland, followed Shandor Remete and attended teacher training of the Shadow School for 6 years. Jacqueline appears in the DVD 'Beyond Dynamic Yoga'
Outline plan for the day
10 10.15 Introduction to the day, structure, tutor and a short explanation of the subject matter. 
10.15 12.15 Practice of Vinyasa Flows 
12.15 1 handout & Theory.

1 2pm LUNCH 

2 2.45 Breath, and progression in the Planning of safe front splits practice. 
2.45 3.45 Individual requirements for teachers modification.
3.45 4 Evaluation, summary of the day, questions. 

Other information
Mats, Belts & Blocks x 4 and bricks x 2.

Aimed at all levels to create current opportunities to enhance teaching methodologies as discussed.


The Costessey Centre
Longwater Lane


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