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The Potency of Kumbhaka with Kari Knight

16th February 2019
at The Costessey Centre

The Potency of Kumbhaka with Kari Knight

Tutor: Kari Knight

Date: 16th February 2019

Time: 10:10 - 16:00

Location: The Costessey Centre

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 15

Kari Knight is a UK-based yoga teacher-trainer with a community practice across East Anglia. She began her practice in 1994 at a local community class in Stoke Newington, London after experiencing many years of a debilitating chronic repetitive strain injury.  Kari trained as a yoga teacher in 2000 and now also teaches 
BWY Foundation Courses 1 and 2

This Open Day will focus on the power of kumbhaka.

Within the Viniyoga tradition I have been taught to regard practices as ‘Brahmana’ or "Langhana’.

Brahmana practices are high energy or dynamic in movement. They include the dominance of the inhalation and retention of the breath or AK (Antara Kumbhaka) to create a noticeable building of energy in the system. If we have low energy we might consider creating a brahmana practice using ratios that emphasise inhalation and AK, and nostril control techniques that allow the inhale to flow freely into the system. Conversely we may create a therapeutic application of Langhana practices, working with ratios that emphasise the exhale and suspension of the breath or BK (Bahya Kumbhaka). The langhana practices will help to concentrate, purify and distill energy, bringing us closer to the subtler energies that exist within us and a good preparation for meditation.

Drawing on all aspects of our practice including kriya, asana, pranayama and meditation, this workshop will explore the potency of kumbhaka so that we may enter the higher states of consciousness or Raya yoga. We will also explore two lesser known and more subtle kumbhakas called Akasha (ether) and Kevala (spontaneously arising).

Bhagavad Gita (translation Jack Hawley) "Some offer up prone, the mysterious vital energy force within them. They do this through control of the breath, literally stopping their inhaling and exhaling” IV, 29 "Remember, dear friend, that I am subtly inherent in everything, everything in the universe! I am the all-illuminating light of the sun, the light in the moon, the brilliance in fire - all light is Mine. I am even the consciousness of light, and indeed, I am the consciousness of the entire cosmos.” XV, 12-15


The Costessey Centre
Longwater Lane


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