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Minutes of East Midlands AGM December 2017

Estimated 8 minute read time.

British Wheel of Yoga East Midlands Region AGM

Sunday 8th December 2017 10 am

The Venue @ Navenby


1  Welcome address

2  Apologies

3  Minutes of AGM November 2016

4  Matters Arising

5  Appointment of Committee posts

6  End of Year Reports from Officers

7  Financial Update

8  Future developments in the Region

9  Succession Planning

Appeal for volunteers for committee posts:

Regional Officer

Regional Treasurer

Regional Secretary

Web Administrator/Editor

Derbyshire County Representative

Leicestershire County Representative

Nottinghamshire County Representative

Lincolnshire County Representative

Northamptonshire County Representative


10  Any other business


11  Date and time of next meeting










1  Welcome address

Members were welcomed to the event


2  Apologies

Gerrard, Vanessa

Watson, Lindsey


3  Minutes of AGM November 2016

Minutes were approved – Julie Nelstrop

Seconded – Ruth Wileman

4  Matters Arising


Website – delays in new website launching was an issue as couldn’t update it so the Region was held back. Caused lots of issues with event bookings and availability but things seem to be settling down now and should be better going forward.

Members were thanked for their patience with the website, booking and enquiries etc.Still a ‘work in progress’ as there is a second launch phase but hopefully that won’t have as much of an impact at a local level.


Newsletter– change of printer seems to be working well.Members encouraged to opt in for the paper version if they don’t want purely by email


Vacant County Rep roles – Ruth was receiving all the missing county rep e-mails due to web changes however the committee will be getting dedicated e-mail addresses so when there is a change of committee member it can be easily transferred to the new role. It is expected that things will improve in this regard in 2018.


5  Appointment of Committee posts

A number of committee posts need to be filled

Positions filled and unchallenged

Regional officer – Ruth Wileman agreed to stay on as ‘acting RO’ for the time being

Regional Treasurer – Perry Lewis (continuing)

Regional Secretary - Dawn Wesselby (continuing)

Leicestershire County Representative – Gilly Field (continuing)

Lincolnshire County Representative – Julie Nelstrop (continuing)


Positions to be filled

Web Administrator/Editor – Simon Kane - Appointed to the role at AGM

Derbyshire County Representative - Sally Kennedy – Appointed to the role at AGM

Nottinghamshire County Representative -

Northamptonshire County Representative -


6  End of Year Reports from Officers

Regional officer – Ruth Wileman

East Midlands Region has just over 500 members (at October there were 515 members – slightly down from 2016 although figure for then not stated)

Biggest issues have been the website and issues with the newsletter and trying to make it on line/needing to opt in to receive it.Members urged to go on line and opt in if they require a paper version.


Derbyshire County Representative – post vacant

Ruth Wileman did have a few dates booked in before becoming RO – Anna Semlyn in Jan 2017 on 121 yoga sessions at Papplewick (although a Nottingham location it helps to capture the Notts and Derbys members)

Looking to book Lesley Dike but aware that the area needs more general days as well as IST as not all members are teachers. Will also look at half days.


Leicestershire County Representative – Gilly Field

Sessions had already been booked in by Bernadette xxxxx………..?with two IST days – Paul Fox and Lesley Isaacson.

Leicester summer school was successful this year and the plan is to run again in 2018

For 2018 two IST days booked in – Anthea Swift – Teaching Yoga For Athletes and Carolyn Clarke – Maslow, Patanjali and Chakras below the belt.

Hoping to add some general days – most likely half days as these seem to be more popular. Asked for details of any good venues as Gilly is based in Kegworth and help with venues would be appreciated.


Lincolnshire County Representative – Julie Nelstrop

Have two IST days per year so teaching members can get their CPD points. Days for 2017 included Raja Yoga with Rajesh David and looking to put on a somatic workshop with Liz Underwood

2018 two events already planned – Mary Wyville – Walk for life and Gary Carter – title not yet known but will be related to fascia.

In addition some general days planned with Lisa McCory in March and Bill Woods for a weekend in October.

Now the new website is functioning better it is helping with bookings as payment is made on line.


Northamptonshire County Representative – post vacant

Liz Williams (existing long term BWY member) has offered to put some days on but is not interested in being the County Rep.


Norttinghamshire County Representative – post vacant



7  Financial Update

Year end - October 2017

This year showed a sharp decline in income at £8265 (£16005) and this was thought to be partly down to the lack of county reps in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire. There is also a recognition that we are in competition with people’s busy lives and some of the negativity around the BWY with loss of memberships. We need to get out into our communities to help bring yoga harmony and peace back into the yoga communities and show that the BWY is a good organisation to belong to.

In summary, our income has halved (partly down to a lack of events run in the unrepresented regions). Despite this the Region has made a small profit of £808 (£1866).

That said, there is a healthy cash surplus of c£25k which we need to address and consider the best way to spend some of these funds


Thanks were given to Ruth Wileman (Derbys), Gilly Field (Leics) and Julie Nelstrop (Lincs) for their efforts in arranging events.


Question posed: Has the website cost the Region any money?

Response: No it has all been paid for centrally.


8  Future developments in the Region

Success of the region depends on the people in the region. Volunteers were called for to fill the absent County Rep. roles as this helps get events on and this in turn keeps/attracts membership.


Events do not need to make a profit but should preferably break even.


IST days are committed to running even if at a loss however general days may be cancelled if not sufficient bookings early enough. Members encouraged to book early so events don’t get cancelled.


Members were also asked to let the committee know if there was an event that they would like putting on either a specific tutor or particular area of yoga they were interested in. Ideas for events are always welcome.


Members were also asked to promote the website to their students, as well as the e-newsletter which anyone can sign up to (don’t need to be a member) and this was a good way to get non members interested in joining.


The committee has been operating at half strength with three county rep roles not fully coveredand this has affected income and events being run – if there are no events, why be a member?


Anyone looking to volunteer for the region would receive support from the committee to help them get into the role.


9 Succession Planning

Members advised that although this was a voluntary position, the wheel recognises the time involved and they would be

a)Reimbursed for expenses (travel/phone/printing)

b)Entitled to attend yoga days they arrange for free

c)Assistants would get one free day

d)Subsidised place at congress

Main responsibilities are around events - finding tutor and venue and sorting bookings – usually involved a flurry of activity in booking the tutors and venues and then another about a month before to confirm booking.

Committee meetings are four times a year.

Consider assisting an existing County Rep to find out what is involved with a view to taking on the role – Gilly Field found this transitional time very helpful and eased her into the role.

Appeal for volunteers for committee posts:

Regional Officer – may be coming up next year – please let Ruth Wileman know if you are interested in taking over.


Web Administrator/Editor – post filled at meeting by Simon Kane


Derbyshire County Representative – post filled by Sally Kennedy


Nottinghamshire County Representative – post vacant

Northamptonshire County Representative – post vacant


10  Any other business

Yoga Festival

There was no yoga festival in 2017 and this was a disappointment to some as it is an enjoyable event.

Members were advised that the event would run on Sunday 24thJune 2018 at Ulverscroft Manor as before and the committee would support Lindsey Watson in organising it as historically she has tried to do it alone.


Summer School

This is a popular event in Leicestershire and ideally it would be good if this could happen in every county


General events and IST days

Anyone can attend general events (members and non members)

IST – some have been closed to non-members/nonteaching members


It was discussed that whilst teaching members should take priority for IST days as they need the CPD points, if the event is not filled then there was no reason why they should not be opened up to members and non BWY teaching members (assuming the IST tutor was happy with this). Not all IST days would be appropriate for non teachers but those that are should be opened up to members with priority for teaching members. Non BWY members would need to pay more.



11  Date and time of next meeting

This was not arranged however will be advised once agreed. Most likely November and December would be avoided due to weather and close to Christmas.



Members were thanked for attending and welcomed to come and speak to the committee.

Yoga News

Minutes of East Midlands AGM December 2017

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