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IST 20/176 Trauma in Tissues

18th October 2020
at Papplewick Village Hall

IST 20/176 Trauma in Tissues

Tutor: Gary Carter

Date: 18th October 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Papplewick Village Hall

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 0

Trauma in Tissues with Gary Carter

Aims of the Morning

To describe and explain the workings of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
To describe and explain the primary stress response in relation to our anatomy
To lead discussion on the meaning of stress, tension and trauma in a 21st Century context
To guide students through movements and postures to illustrate this (ie points 1,2 & 3)


To understand how the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work
To understand the anatomy of fight, flight and freeze
To develop knowledge of stress, tension and trauma both intellectually as well as physically within one's own body
To explore how these apply to posture, movement and asana practice

Aims of the Afternoon

To revisit learning objectives of the morning and invite questions that have arisen to consolidate learning
To explain how the fascial and myofascial networks react to stress
To describe how certain tensions get held in regions of the body and where these forces transfer to.
To suggest ways of interacting with the fight or flight process


To explore how the fascial and myofascial networks react to stress
To understand how the fascial and myofascial networks react to stress
To understand how certain tensions get held in the body and transferred to other parts
To learn how to use the ground in practice to dissipate tension and use helpful tension to inform us

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Lap top presentation of anatomical photos and diagrams, skeleton and 3D models to illustrate anatomy and physiology of the sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous systems, and the stress response specifically.

Methods of presenting the subject

demonstration, lecture, discussion, Q & A, group work, class work and self discovery, experiential learning.

About the Tutor

Gary has over 25 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. he has lectured extensively on the anatomy of Yoga in the UK, Europe and America. He is the founder of the Natural Bodies centre in Brighton. he is committed to teach, train and encourage kinaesthetic awareness, ease of movement and efficient body use. If you wish to contact Gary please email

Outline plan for the day

10.00-10.30 - initial discussion of stress, tension and trauma in a 21st Century context
10.30 - 11.30 - laptop presentation of how the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems work, the anatomy of fight, flight and freeze
11.30- 13.00 movement and posture practice to sense how engaging in yoga practice in a certain way gives us the potential to dissipate the 'charge' of tension held in our form, possibly let it go, release it or use it to our advantage.
14.00 - 14.45 discussion and Q & A of issues arising from the morning. Revisiting any theory necessary to consolidate learning
14.45 - 15.45 further practice to explore tensions in the body and find out where they transfer to
15.45 - 16.00 discussion of how to use the learning to inform teaching our students


Papplewick Village Hall
17 Linby Lane
NG15 8FB


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