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CANCELLED IST 20/178 Brain-Move Mindset for Yoga

25th April 2020
at Kegworth Village Hall

CANCELLED IST 20/178 Brain-Move Mindset for Yoga

Tutor: Stephen Braybrook

Date: 25th April 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Kegworth Village Hall

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 5

Brain-Move – Mindset for Yoga

Join Stephen Braybrook, aka The Movement Man, for this fascinating mind-brain-body workshop. Learn the fundamentals of mind-brain integration and how this translates into movement.   

Stephen will guide you through four processes both theoretically and practically, of how the mind and brain affect our movement, including: 
  • How your thoughts impact your movement.
  • How your feelings impact movement.
  • How your beliefs impact movement.
  • How your self-image impact movement.

Come along with an open mind and be prepared to understand movement and your yoga practice from a completely different perspective! Brain-Move is suitable for movers, yoga practitioners and teachers from all backgrounds/different styles of yoga and at all levels from beginners through to advanced.

  • Is a modality for changing habits.
  • Is based on Applied Neurology.
  • Opens up neurological pathways.
  • Reintegrates the mind-brain-body. 
  • Encourages optimisation of movement and function.

Aims: To introduce to participants how the mind, brain and body are integrated and how this effects our movement. To introduce the concept of practical mind and brain science. 

Objectives: To introduce Brain-Move exercises and drills that are easy to implement within yoga-based poses. By the end of the workshop participants will have a fuller understanding of practical mind and brain science and a ‘tool box’ of mind and brain drills that can be implemented within their yoga practice to assist with enhanced flexibility, freedom of movement and a stronger mental capacity.  

Stephen Braybrook 

Stephen Braybrook, also known asThe Movement Man is a highly qualified and experienced health, fitness and sports professional. Stephen has an MSc in Biomechanics and is renowned and respected around the world as being a movement expert with a difference, as he constantly strives to push the boundaries of current theories, thinking and understanding to evolve the world of movement into the twenty first century. 

With a passion for the study of human movement, optimization and rehabilitation, Stephen is passionate about helping clients to maximise their potential and reach their goals.

Stephen is also the inventor of Brain-Move; a unique, revolutionary, fast and highly effective new technique that ‘opens the door’ to movement freedom and tracks the root of movement dysfunction. Stephen is a strong believer in intelligent movement and free breath as central themesand has a completely fresh perspective in the world of movement.

A self-confessed movement geek he lives and breathes movement – basically there is nothing this man can’t tell you about movement, your posture, freeing the body and how to reach your movement goals!

Twitter - @BraybrookSJ


Kegworth Village Hall
Nottingham Road
DE74 2FH


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