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Ekotex News Update

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Affordable equipment for students. Additional Income for teachers.


We are getting an increasing number of enquiries from Teachers, asking how they can help their students access our equipment.


Here is our guide, outlining the ways in which you can get quality equipment to your students for their home practice, while being reimbursed for your time and energy.


Direct selling

What this means: you purchase our equipment and sell it to your students.



·      BWY members get a huge discount – use it! You can purchase products through the BWY store and offer it to your students at our RRP, or with a 10% discount on our RRP to pass on the discount. This way, you will be paid for your time and effort and cover your costs.

·      Your students save on online shipping costs. For the majority of orders this is £5 per order.

·      Fewer deliveries also means reduced CO2 emissions and waste from packaging.



·      It will take more organisation, time and energy!



How to sell direct


Create a mini shop

You can stock a small selection of items in your teaching space or studio. If you are a home/village hall teacher a small basket of the basics (mats, straps, blocks) can work well. Price up the items with a sign and leave it for students to browse.


Take advance orders

Many teachers opt for this. You can ask students to browse the main website and email you a list of items they wish to purchase. You can then create a shopping list and place an order through the BWY shop. Some teachers have been door-to-door delivering throughout Covid. In ‘normal’ times, teachers usually hand over and take payment at their next class.


Many teachers feel uncomfortable selling equipment in this way, or it may not feel appropriate for the relationship you have with your students. We understand this, so we also offer a referral scheme – more info below.



Become an Affiliate

What this means: You refer students to us and earn commission for every purchase made.


We offer a commission scheme via our main Ekotex Yoga site. We pay teachers 10% commission of every purchase made by someone they’ve referred to our website. While social distancing measures are in place, we’ve increased this to 12.5% to share more of our profits with the teaching community.

We also offer a 10% off discount code for you to handover to your students, so they benefit too.



·      Quick and easy to set up.

·      You earn commission, paid monthly to a Paypal account.

·      Students get a 10% discount


·      Lower earnings for the teacher than direct selling

·      More packaging will be used

·      Students will all pay an individual delivery charge


How to become an affiliate

Register and find more information here:

Get your personalised referral link and email us to apply for a discount code.

You can share your link on your website, email and social media accounts.


We hope this is useful. Please reach out if you have any questions or need support. Our availability over the phone is still variable due to social distancing, but we do respond to emails and messages over social media very quickly. J

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