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Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

21st May 2022

Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Tutor: Tarik DERVISH

Date: 21st May 2022

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: ZOOM

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 18

CPD EVENT with TARIK DERVISH- Integrating Ayurveda into Yoga Teaching

Integrating Ayurveda into Yoga teaching is becoming more and more important in our ever changing world and gives us the strength and confidence to face the enormous challenges ahead of an ailing world and divided society that is crying out for healing. 

Yoga and Ayurveda are said to be ‘sister sciences’ because the supporting knowledge that Ayurveda provides around diet, lifestyle, herbs and cosmic outlook make the yoga experience richer, fuller and more relevant. 

Yoga practice with an ayurvedic approach adds a therapeutic and transformative flavour to daily practice without losing the magical essence of Vedic philosophy. The ayurvedic paradigm is pre-scientific and therefore rich in symbol and metaphor but equally, it is open enough to embrace our ever-evolving scientific understanding of therapeutic practice. Ayurveda can bring great softness and compassion to yoga practice, essential qualities for self-healing and transformation.


Aim- This workshop explores some of the deeper questions that link yoga and Ayurveda together and offers a congruent framework for integrating the two bodies of knowledge together so that yoga teachers can apply the principles of Ayurveda with more confidence. 


Learning outcomes- By the end of the day, yoga teachers should be able to

1.     Discuss some key historic links between yoga and Ayurveda

2.     Explain the basic tenets of Ayurveda’s basic principles including the five element and three dosha theory

3.     Apply the principles of vata dosha to an asana class

4.     Access ways of exploring pranayama, meditation and guided relaxation using ayurvedic principles


The day will run from 10-4pm which a break in the morning and afternoon and a 45-minute lunch break in the middle. Tarik’s book Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching will available to purchase at a discounted price.




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About Tarik DERVISH

Tarik is a qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher/Trainer for the British Wheel of Yoga and Ayurvedic practitioner. He runs workshops and courses in Yoga and Ayurveda for Yoga practitioners and teachers. He specialises in training Yoga teachers with an Ayurvedic approach. He also has a small Ayurveda clinic in Kings Cross and central Brighton. He's been teaching Yoga since 1997 and has had a wide variety of training including Iyengar, Satyananda and Scaravelli traditions. His main approach is to help students establish a sound physical practice that is appropriate for their Ayurvedic Constitution as a foundation for deeper, subtle meditative work. He can be found giving talks and advice on Yoga and Ayurveda on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. For more information please visit his website