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ONLINE IST 21/175 Mental Health Conditions and Yoga

16th January 2021
at ONLINE via Zoom

ONLINE IST 21/175 Mental Health Conditions and Yoga

Tutor: Nikki Jackson

Date: 16th January 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: ONLINE via Zoom

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 0


1. to improve knowledge and understanding of common mental health (MH)conditions such as: anxiety and depression, PTSD, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychosis and substance abuse

2. to further knowledge of how stress impacts of MH

3. to understand extremes of yogic brahmanic (hyper) and languanic (hypo) states of MH relating to anxiety and depression

4. to explore which types of yoga therapy practises can improve certain MH conditions and which ones are contraindicated


1. to be more confident in recognising MH conditions such as PTSD, eating disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis, substance abuse

2. to be more adept at choosing suitable practises for specific MH conditions

3. to be more aware of which yoga practises could have an adverse affect on certain MH conditions

4. to be more aware of own mental health and how to use yoga practises to steady fluctuations of the mind


Structure of the day

10am Introductions and tuning in to body practise

10.15 Presentation of most common MH conditions and Yoga Therapy

10.45 Experiential practise observing own MH current condition reflected in body

11.30 Tea break

11.30 Exploration of Case study one with asana/mindful movement practise

12.00 Case study two , as above

12.30 Case study three, as above

1.00 Lunch

1.45: Deep relaxations which are appropriate for MH cases and which would be contraindicated

2.10: Breathing practises appropriate/contraindicated

3.00 Tea break

3.10 Meditations - appropriate/contraindicated

3.30 Mudras - appropriate/contraindicated

3.40 Mantras - appropriate/contraindicated

3.50 Further yogic lifestyle advise

3.55 Questions and poems


About the Tutor

Nikki Jackson has been teaching yoga and yoga therapy for 26 years and is currently running Yoga therapy teacher training courses for BWY.. She has worked in many different mental health departments for the NHS as both an occupational therapist and yoga therapist. She was head occupational therapist of a pre discharge unit in Forensic psychiatry and has worked both in acute mental health services, long stay services and community services. She is a Mindfulness for Stress tutor (Breathworks) running the 8 week courses at a large GP Health Centre. You can visit her website for more information or email Nikki at


ONLINE via Zoom
ONLINE via Zoom


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