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BWY Anatomy of Movement Module with Andrea Newman

4th January 2020
at Wildgoose Space

BWY Anatomy of Movement Module with Andrea Newman

Tutor: Andrea Newman

Date: 4th January 2020

Time: 10:00 - 17:30

Location: Wildgoose Space

Type of Event: Modules

Places Available: 6

The main aims of the course are:


  • To learn more about the anatomy of human movement, informing and enhancing yoga practice and teaching.


  • To enable teachers to find more effective ways to help students refine their yoga practice, through developing an appreciation of how the human body remains stable and coordinated while upright and in motion.


  • To help teachers choose teaching cues that help students connect with their body’s natural intelligence, leading them towards greater integrity and safety, as well as a feeling of ease and strength, in asana.


This course will change the way that you look at the human body.  By deepening your understanding of how a human body operates, you will be able to find new effective ways to help your students refine their asana practice.  You will develop your own teaching cues that help students connect with their body’s natural intelligence, leading them towards greater anatomical integrity and safe practice in asana.


You will explore the complex mechanism by which the human body remains stable and coordinated while upright and in motion, which shines light on why yoga can work so well as a means to healing and better health.


This 6 day course is open to BWY Diploma holders (or other equivalent trainings or relevant bodywork qualifications). Teachers from all traditions of yoga are very welcome.


You will be introduced to informed and up-to-date scientific anatomical information and theories that will enhance the way you experience your own body and how you view your students in class. The course will give you a space to explore and discuss anatomical themes in the context of yoga practice and teaching, and to delve more deeply into aspects that particularly interest you.


By the end of the course, you will have:

  •  Investigated the holistic nature of body movement, the role of fascia, and the organisation of the neurological control system.
  • Revised basic structural anatomy of joints and muscles and explored the location and function of these on your own and others’ bodies.
  •  Discussed and explored how a body organises itself to move within the gravitational field.
  •  Developed your understanding of how the human body remains stable and upright while standing and in motion and how this relates to Patanjali’s ‘sthira sukham asanam’. 
  • Been introduced to the concepts of tensegrity, fascial plasticity, orientation, and kinetic chains.
  • Explored the role of belief, perception and intention in body movement, and how this might relate to the concept of pancha maya kosha.
  • Investigated the anatomy of breathing.
  • Discussed and evaluated your own personal yoga practice and body awareness in relation to the topics covered.
  • Kept a teaching diary to reflect on and document how your way of looking at the human body is changing, and how this understanding has impacted on your teaching.



£645 (including BWY £60 course registration fee)
Concessions available, please enquire.



Wildgoose Space, 228 Mina Road, St. Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9YP 


Days of week and times:

One full weekend, followed by 4 Saturdays.  10am-5.30pm on Saturdays.  10am-4.30pm on the Sunday.


All dates for the course:

4 and 5 Jan, 1 Feb, 14 Mar, 9 May, 6 June 2020


Start and end Dates of Course/Workshop:

4/1/20 – 6/6/20


To book onto the course or for more information please contact the below:

07867 488561


Wildgoose Space
228 Mina Road
St Werburghs


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