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BWY Integrating Philosophy into Classes module with Angela Ashwin

31st October 2020
at Yoga Studio Exmouth

BWY Integrating Philosophy into Classes module with Angela Ashwin

Tutor: Angela Ashwin

Date: 31st October 2020

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: Yoga Studio Exmouth

Type of Event: Modules

Places Available: 18

Information about the course:

Teachers will learn how to work with the classical texts and apply their message to the practice.

The experiences resulting from that will be formulated in discussions and in workshops style sessions we will explore how to pass the experiences on to students

Dates: 21stNovember 2020

6th December 2020

24th January 2021

6th February 2021

27th March 2021

24th April 2020

(dates are negotiable)


A six day course, limited to six people only.

Cost: £600

This course is for yoga teachers or teachers in training from BWY or other traditions. One does not need to be a BWY member, but interested in the spiritual side of yoga. We work in a small group to ensure maximum learning in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Yoga is more and more taught as exercise. Those of you who love the transformational and spiritual side and are not very sure and confident to bring it into the classes without falling into clichés or bewildering students, might want to consider the module.

Yoga can give us purpose in life, transform us as a whole person, helps us to come to terms with challenges and fear, shows us the way to go forward and makes us experience how much more beauty there is in all of existence then we assumed. Who would not want that?


I have always felt the necessity to be on a spiritual path, studied Philosophy and Theology at University, which gave me concepts but not a path. Yoga offers that path. For the last 35 years I am using the India Yoga tradition as a guide for all there is in life. I feel I have transformed a lot and hope for much more transformation in the time to come. I share this with my students, and they love it and report of important changes in life and outlook to life. When this sharing is done well, they all benefit immensely from the spiritual as well as the physical transformation yoga can give us.


Those of you who have visited my workshops or taken part in an IST day on "integrating philosophyā€¯ have seen how I do bring the deeper meaning of yoga across, through the practice of asanas, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and samyama.

Booking For an application, booking form and teacher reference form please Contact Angela

email:; website:; telephone: 01395 224605 



Yoga Studio Exmouth
231A Exeter Rd


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