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BWYT Ayurveda in Action Online Module with Tarik Dervish & Cathy Mae Karelse

23rd September 2021

BWYT Ayurveda in Action Online Module with Tarik Dervish & Cathy Mae Karelse

Tutor: Tarik Dervish

Date: 23rd September 2021

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM

Type of Event: Modules

Places Available: 20

BWYT Ayurveda in Action with Tarik Dervish & Cathy Mae Karelse
Date: 23rd September 2021- 3rd March 2022
Time: 19.00 - 20.30
The course will run online via the Zoom platform
Information about the Course:
Our unique blended programme is for anyone interested in the basic principles and power of Ayurveda and its application in today’s world. The programme combines the very best elements of online training including videos, webinars and pre-recorded lectures that you can watch again and again culminating with a full live training weekend to bring all the elements of the training together and gain more understanding of the skills that underpin yoga practice with an ayurvedic approach.

Our course will offer insight into your life by making holistic connections between how you live and how you feel. There will be ample opportunity to introduce changes that generate good health by bringing to light the daily routines, thought patterns and activities that are working for you but more importantly, those that no longer serve you. We will teach you effective time-tested techniques that will make you see yourself in a whole new way.

Personal and Professional

The programme can be used for both personal and professional development.

Yoga Practitioners will be able to adapt their own practices in accordance with Ayurvedic principles which address seasonal and lifestyle changes.

Yoga teachers will be able to apply these principles to course and lesson plans. You will gain insight into differences among your students reflected in the ways they practice so that you are better positioned to support them.

The Online course includes:

·       Five elements

·       3 Doshas

·       Samkhya philosophy

·       Ayurveda and social action

·       Three essences (Prana, Tejas, Ojas)

·       Agni and Ama

·       Ayurvedic Yoga practice

·       How to use Marma in Yoga practice

·       Daily and Seasonal Ayurvedic routines

·       Ayurvedic Yoga Nidra

·       Ayurvedic anatomy

·       Food and Herbs for daily use

Live webinars (1900-2030):

2021: 23rd September, 14th October, 4th November, 25th November, 16th December.

2022: 20th January, 10th February, 3rd March. 

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