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BWYT Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens Module

9th February 2022

BWYT Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens Module

Tutor: Christiane Kerr

Date: 9th February 2022

Time: 19:30 - 21:00

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM

Type of Event: Modules

Places Available: 20

Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens Module with Christiane Kerr
Starts:Wednesday, 9th February 2022
Ends:  Saturday, 24th April 2022.   

Wednesdays:  7.30 – 9.00 pm (4 live zoom sessions)

Saturdays:    9.30 –1.30 pm (3 live zoom sessions)

Additional self-paced pre-recorded sessions to complete.

Location: Online. Live sessions via Zoom. Self-paced sections via Teachable.

This module is suitable for qualified yoga teachers and trainees who are interested in teaching yoga to children and teens from ages 2 /12 to 18.

The module will be broken into 3 sections.  

Section 1:  Teaching to ages 2 ½ to 7

Section 2:  Teaching ages 8 – 12

Section 3:  Teaching ages 12-18

Each section will focus on a different age group with key skills being reinforced over the duration of the module.  You will learn how to set up and run yoga classes for children and teens, including the practical requirements.

For each age group we will look at: 

·       Anatomy and physiology.

·       Cognitive development and neuroscience.

·       Adapting asanas for each age group.

·       Partner and group poses.

·       Language and scripting for each age group.

 Breath awareness and where appropriate, simple pranayama.

·       Meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation.

·       Age-appropriate teaching cues.

·       Class planning and structure.

·       Managing your yoga class with positive discipline.

·       Creative ways to engage each age with yoga.

·       Recognising and managing stress.

·       Bringing yoga off the mat and into daily life.

You will receive a course booklet for each section along with a posture booklet and a teaching pack that covers the business and logistics of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and teens which includes templates that you can adapt for your own use. 

Teaching will include live Zoom sessions with pair and group work in breakout rooms, video lectures, audio lectures and audio-visual presentations, audio downloads you can use in your classes, pdf lessons, classes for each age group. 

After each of the live sessions there will be pre-recorded lesson to complete on our easy to use learning platform.


Four Wednesday evenings from 7 – 8 pm.

Feb 9, Feb 16, March 23, and April 24, 2022.

Three Saturday mornings from 9.30 – 1.30 pm.

Feb 12, March 20, and April 20,  2022.
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