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BWYQ Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Gentle Years Yoga with Audrey Blow

8th June 2022

BWYQ Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Gentle Years Yoga with Audrey Blow

Tutor: Audrey Blow

Date: 8th June 2022

Time: 09:30 - 14:30

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM

Type of Event: BWYQ L4 Gentle Years Yoga

Places Available: 16

BWYQ Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Gentle Years Yoga with Audrey Blow
Information about the course:

This blended-learning course has been designed to meet the National Occupational Standards for Adapting Exercise for Older People and trains teachers in the chair-based yoga modifications required for older adults with multiple long-term health conditions.

Unit 1 is the prerequisite knowledge or theory part to be completed before the start of the practical sessions.  

Unit 1 is 42 hours of assessed distance learning with work to be submitted via electronic mail and interactive video lectures.  It covers the Impact of Ageing, the Motivators and Barriers that Older People Face,  the Physiology of Older Adults and Age-Related Conditions and Ethical and Legal Responsibilities including Safeguarding Adults. There are no tutor contact hours for this distance learning, but you will receive email guidance and feedback from your assessor.

Unit 2 is 84 hours (including 25 hours of tutor contact), covering the skills or practical part of the course including a short informal assessment of trainees instructing each other in the chair yoga practices and dharana activities.
Saturday 9 October 2021 is the first practical session with GYY Tutor and Assessor Audrey Blow.   Four or five further Zoom sessions to be arranged on Saturdays or Sundays.

The face-to-face days on Zoom are followed by the planning and delivery of a 6-week scheme of work, case studies and a formal Assessed Class Teaching which will be observed by your tutor/assessor or a Peripatetic Assessor from the Gentle Years Yoga PACTs list. 

The programme helps older adults to stay physically active and builds skills which help to prevent falls.   It also teaches yoga techniques to assist in the management of long-term conditions.  The dharana activities can be invigorating and fun and the after-class social time with refreshments helps to reduce social isolation.

The work and the assessments are internally and externally quality assured to ensure that the standards are being consistently met across the nation.  With publication of the large National Trial results at the end of 2022, we are anticipating that health commissioners will want to replicate the Gentle Years Yoga classes throughout Scotland, England and Wales, but evidence of a consistent standard will be essential.

You will be able to join the Gentle Years Yoga© Register upon successful completion of the BWYQ Level 4 Certificate course.

PREREQUISITES:  Level 3 or above Yoga Teaching qualification (any tradition) 

RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING:  Available, please check with tutor.

FEES:   The cost of this course is £640 in total. (Unit 1 fee is £300 payable on acceptance onto the course. Unit 2 fee is £340, due by 25 September 2021, 2 weeks before the first zoom training day)
Course Dates: 

Start of Unit 1 – 08 June 2022,  To be completed by 08 October 2022

Unit 2- 9.30am to 2.30pm on 8, 9 October, 22, 23 October, assessment day on 5 or 6 November 2022.
Contingency day 12 November 2022. Unit 2 to be completed by 6 November 2023.
Zoom link will be sent following registration with BWY and BWYQ
For an application form and to receive further information, please contact




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