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BWYT Foundation Course 2 with Angela Blowers

22nd September 2018
at Stoneleigh Village Hall

BWYT Foundation Course 2 with Angela Blowers

Tutor: Angela Blowers

Date: 22nd September 2018

Time: 09:30 - 15:00

Location: Stoneleigh Village Hall

Type of Event: Foundation Course 2

Places Available: 18

BWYT Foundation Course 2 with Angela Blowers

Start Date: 22nd September 2018

Venue: Stoneleigh Village Hall, Warwickshire, CV8 3DG

Who is it for?

Those who have successfully completed a Foundation Level 1 and would like to continue their yoga development but who do not wish or are not able to go on to a Teaching Diploma course just yet. It is equally open to teachers who may enjoy the revision of material and the chance to work in a close group.

How does it differ from Level 1?

The course allows us to go much deeper than Level 1. The style is much more interactive – reviewing, consolidating and adding to the information we have covered, to enable you to plan and evaluate personal practice for a wide variety of objectives.

The course deliberately provides emphasis on Pranayama and Meditation as the basis for personal development and deepening of your asana practice.

There will be physical practice (Hatha/Tantra yoga), meditation (Raja yoga of Patanjali as well as others), discussion, pair/group work, and an opportunity for personal study.

What is involved?

The syllabus requires 60 hours of practical sessions, talks and discussions. There is no formal assessment or written work. You will be designing Vinyasas for postures and to achieve objectives, firstly in groups, then pairs and finally on your own. These vinyasas, including Pranayama/meditation as appropriate, will form the basis of your personal practice (30-40 mins) which you will evaluate and evolve as you work.

You will build up a portfolio of the asanas (photographed), the vinyasas, techniques, theory, handouts and personal notes.

Please email Angela to book and for further information:


Stoneleigh Village Hall


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About Angela Blowers

Angie has been teaching since 1997 and also runs Foundations Courses levels 1 & 2, as well as her own Yoga Philosophy & Everyday Living course. Once or twice a year she runs workshops - so there is plenty of further development beyond class attendance - for those that want it!