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BWY GENTLE YEARS YOGA - Knaresborough course applications due by 15 September 2018 Caerphilly course applications due by 30 November 2018

15th September 2018 - 30th November 2019
at Knaresborough/Caerphilly

BWY GENTLE YEARS YOGA - Knaresborough course applications due by 15 September 2018 Caerphilly course applications due by 30 November 2018

Tutor: 660

Date: 15th September 2018 - 30th November 2019

Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Location: Knaresborough/Caerphilly

Type of Event: Other

Places Available: 16



Unit 1 Introduction to BWY Gentle Years Yoga© [theory/knowledge unit]

1.1 Physiology of Older Adults and Age-Related Conditions Course Booklet [prerequisite distance learning prior to course dates with tutor presentations and group discussions on course dates] Knowledge and understanding of the normal changes that occur as a result of age, with sections summarising age-related conditions such as dementia, osteoporosis, arthritis, falls, cardiac problems, mental health issues, arthroplasty, etc and the impact of these conditions on yoga practice. Assessed by BWY Multiple Choice ‘Open Book’ Exam - Exam Results and Certificate of Completion (based upon 75% correct answers – 80 correct answers out of 106) to be included in learner portfolio.

1.2 Safeguarding Responsibilities of BWY Gentle Years Yoga© Teacher

[prerequisite online course, assessment, certificate from external training provider] Knowledge and understanding of the yoga teacher’s duty of care role and the safe-guarding responsibilities involved with teaching yoga to older adults who may have physical disabilities and/or cognitive impairment. [A link to free online training will be sent to you once you are registered on the course. RPL available if you already have a valid Safeguarding Adults certificate . Tutor/assessor(s) will facilitate a review and analysis discussion of the BWY Safeguarding Adults Policy/Procedures on the course dates.]

Unit 2 Applied Physiology and Practical Teaching of Yoga to Older Adults - [practical unit]

[to be covered by BWY Gentle Years Yoga© tutors on course dates with follow-up supervision

and assessment of written assignments plus observed Assessed Class Teaching ]

Practical training over three 8-hour course dates to include –

1) Review of Physiology and Age-Related Conditions

2) Review and Discussion of BWY Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures and Facilitation of Safeguarding Adults DVD viewing and online assessment [RPL available for those who already have a valid and up-to-date Safeguarding Adults Certificate of Completion]

3) Writing aims and learning outcomes, course and lesson planning for teaching yoga to older adults

4) Practical asana/pranayama modifiications/strength training, balance, aerobic activities etc. required for: general Gentle Years Yoga in the community classes (including carers) and dedicated Chair Yoga classes for students who need to stay seated in chairs. How to plan for multiple contra-indications.

5) Practical dharana techniques that improve vestibular system (balance and coordination) and right brain/left brain activity (required for both falls prevention and to keep brain cells active to reduce (further) memory loss/cognitive dysfunction. The social/emotional element of classes for older adults; loneliness, social isolation, depression. Presentation of 1 hour dementia friends information session and information on how to become a dementia friends champion

6) How to organise outreach sessions, how to support carers

7) Observation/assessment of learners micro-teaching older adults in small groups

2.1 Micro-teaching Gentle Years Yoga Techniques to Older Adults Observed/Assessed on Day 3 of practical course

2.2 Scheme of Work and 10 Week Course Plan Assessed electronically

2.3 One Detailed Lesson Plan Assessed electronically

2.4 Assessed Class Teaching (ACT) Observed/Assessed by Tutor-Assessor or PACT

Unit 3

3.1 Two Case Studies - Research, Analysis, Reflection on Teaching Yoga to Two Older Adults with Different Age-Related Conditions Assessed electronically


Knaresborough- Yorkshire - Weekends of 20,21 October and 27, 28 October 2018. Please apply by 15th September 2018.

Caerphilly- Glamorgan, South Wales- Weekends of 9,10 and 16,17 February 2019. Please apply by 30th November 2018
Cost: £660
Please click here for an application form and return to


Yorkshire/South Wales


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