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CPD 20/28 Integrating Prana Vayus & Mudras into Classes

19th September 2020
at Stannington Village Hall

CPD 20/28 Integrating Prana Vayus & Mudras into Classes

Tutor: Gillian Gee

Date: 19th September 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Stannington Village Hall

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 24

Integrating Prana Vayus & Mudras into Classes

Aims of the Morning

1. Explore the concept of the Prana Vayus in a practical Yoga Session 

2. Lead a discussion on the inclusion of Prana Vayus in a weekly class


1. Participate in Movements, Asanas, Breathing & Concentration techniques with emphasis on the Prana Vayus 

2. Participate in a Discussion on the relevance of these techniques in their weekly classes

Aims of the Afternoon

1. Examine Mudras, to ascertain the appropriate student level  

2. Lead a Discussion on How and Why Yoga Philosophy should be included in weekly classes


1. Participate in Movements, Asanas, Breathing & Concentration techniques employing Mudras 

2. Participate in a discussion on the relevance of Mudras and other Yoga Philosophical concepts in their weekly classes

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Handouts, Evaluation Forms, & Flipchart

Methods of presenting the subject

Short Lecture, Demonstration, Observation, Workshop, Question and Answer, Discussion, Feedback, 
Pairs, Group Work, Self Discovery, Experiential

About the Tutor

Gillian is interested in all aspects of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy with a keen interest in different Yoga styles, which reflects in her teaching. 
Since starting her Yoga journey in the 1980s she has practiced with many Teachers from different Traditions, has completed the Pranayama Module & Yin Yoga Training.

Now recognises the importance of good alignment, pelvic position, with the need for strength, not just flexibility in Asana, her gentle approach encourages the best from her students. Gillians teaching displays a good understanding of Breath Awareness and the need for a positive mental attitude to life & Yoga practice. 

Gillian has been teaching since 1990, Gillian teaches regular classes, the BWY Foundation, Diploma & Integration Courses.

Outline plan for the day

Fire Exits, Timing etc
Introduce Todays topic

Practical on Inclusion of Prana, Apana, Prana/Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana into Movements, Asanas, Breathing & Concentration techniques with use of Handouts 

1.30 LUNCH

Review Morning Practices & Relevance to teaching weekly classes, Evaluation - Handouts  

Introduce Topic of Mudras, student level, relevance, purpose,  
Practical on Mudras in Class

Small Group Discussion on other philosophical topic which can be introduced into class in a practical way
Feedback to main group

3.45 Evaluation forms 

4.00 Close

Other information

This day will examine the inclusion of philosophical Yoga concepts in weekly Yoga classes, the day will divided into practical and discussion time. 
Any pre course reading on Prana Vayus & Mudras will be helpful for reviewing these topics and participation in discussions.
Please bring your Yoga equipment, pens & paper.


Stannington Village Hall
Church Road
NE61 6EL


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