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PILOT CPD 21/32 - Introducing Somatic Principles and Techniques in a Yoga Class

17th October 2021
at Newton and Bywell Village Hall

PILOT CPD 21/32 - Introducing Somatic Principles and Techniques in a Yoga Class

Tutor: Jacqueline GUNNION

Date: 17th October 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Newton and Bywell Village Hall

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 0

If you have any queries about this event, please contact the organiser, Jacqueline Stevenson, on

 Note: This training is set at Experienced Teacher level and is not suitable for non-teachers or student teachers.

 This is a pilot event, and this is reflected in the ticket price. Nevertheless, you will be able to claim 7.5 CPD points for attending the day.

 During the day, the teacher and the event will be evaluated by an observer, so please be sure that you are happy with that before booking a place.

 This is the opportunity to learn the basics of Somatics and how to incorporate the techniques into general classes. The day is a mixture of theory and practice as we discover the anatomical principles that underpin Somatics as well as their practical applications in a range of Yoga asana.


Aims of the Day


  • To introduce the principles of somatic movement through presentation, discussion and practice.
  • To encourage participants to develop greater awareness of their own bodies including habitual movement and holding patterns.
  • To explore the effects of somatic techniques in a range of asana.
  • To use "soma scans and "check-ins to monitor changes.
  • To facilitate both individual practice and group work throughout the day.



Learning Outcomes

Participants will:


  • understand the principles underpinning somatic techniques
  • understand how habitual holding and movement patterns can be addressed through a combination of yoga asana and somatic techniques.
  • develop greater body awareness.
  • feel the differences brought about by somatic practices in a range of asana.
  • be able to explore those differences using "soma scans and "check-ins and understand the importance of allowing students time to do that in a general Yoga class.



Timetable of the day

10.00 am - Introductions and aims of the day (powerpoint/ flip chart)

10.20 am - Brief opportunity to ease out.

10.25 am - Somatic principles: Thomas Hanna?s red light/green light/ trauma reflex. (PowerPoint/ flip chart)

Q and A - what might cause these holding or movement patterns?

Opportunity for self discovery - Tadasana - how do you hold yourself?

Walk about - can you identify your own movement and holding patterns?

Can you spot other people?s?

Feedback from the above.

11.30 am - Break

11.45 am - The reflex arc and the brain/body connection.

The concept of sensory/ motor amnesia

The principles of "Pandiculation - its applications and limitations

Soma scan from lying down.

Arch and flatten - exploring connections between head and pelvis.

- exploring articulation in the spine and pelvis.

Arch and flatten with curl - reflex and red light responses.

Taking it further - dwi pada pittham using "beads on a necklace "technique.

Lying side bends and the trauma reflex.

Repeat soma scan. Notice the differences.

Q and A and feedback.

13.00 pm - Lunch - 45 minutes

13.45 pm - Somatics in asana

Soma scan

Releasing the hips in supine knee to chest as prep for virabhadrasana 1

Celtic cross and shoulder release if time allows

Sphinx posture - somatic back lift and repeat

Pandiculation in Paschimottanasana

Assess the differences and repeat soma scan

14.30 pm - Group work - How could you introduce somatic principles into your class?

What other preparatory work or asana do you think would be suitable for this approach?

15.15 pm - Break

15.30 pm - Somatic flows - introduction to more complex flows- lying twist and or flamingo.

Final soma scan/relaxation

16.00 pm Feedback Final Q and A Signposting - resources and training.


Newton and Bywell Village Hall
NE43 7UL


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About Jacqueline GUNNION

I am a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher with a special interest in Somatic Yoga and Yoga in the workplace. I’ve completed extra training in Somatic Yoga with the James Knight school of “Gentle Somatic Yoga” and recently completed my level 2 certification. My classes are a fusion of traditional Hatha and Somatic Yoga techniques,. I’ve worked in the NHS for many years and as part of that role was a “Moving and Handling Facilitator” offering advice on workstation and work environment set up. I have also offered “office yoga “ sessions within the workplace to colleagues to help reduce the amount of time spent in static postures and help manage workplace stress.