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Online CPD 22/25 - Teaching Pranayama to the Less Experienced

27th November 2022
at Zoom

Online CPD 22/25 - Teaching Pranayama to the Less Experienced

Tutor: Philip XERRI

Date: 27th November 2022

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Zoom

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 0

If you have any enquiries about this event, please contact the organiser Sue Harding-Smith on

Teaching Pranayama To The Less Experienced 

How to introduce, develop and maintain an ongoing Basic Breathing/Pranayama practice for beginners and the less experienced throughout the the first year. 

Pranayama often seems to be ‘relegated’ in the teaching of Yoga to a short time either at the beginning or towards the end of a class. This has always seemed a little ‘odd’ to me as Pranayama, namely the controlled use of breathing in order to influence Prana, stands at the very heart of Yoga practice. 

Prana is not only the ‘core’ energy that animates our existence, it is also an immensely powerful Cosmic force, and the breath is our key to unlocking all this potential. Unfortunately, it is because of this inherent power, that teachers have been reluctant to introduce Pranayama at an early stage of a student’s experience 

There are two powerful arguments against this stance: 
1) As stated, the breath stands at the heart of yoga practice: its controlled use is essential for meaningful progression. 
2) The power of Pranayama is rendered safe if a logical, structured and progressive approach is applied 

Thus, I believe that basic Breathing/Pranayama i.e. working towards maximising the potential and flexibility of the lungs and introducing control, rhythm and harmony into the breathing cycle, can all be introduced in the first year using a wide variety of practices.




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About Philip XERRI

Philip began practicing Yoga in the 70's with Philip Jones in Cardiff. He 'fell in love' with Pranayama and went to India to study with Dr. Swami Gitananda. He studied Comparative Religions at Lancaster University and in 1984 founded Yoga Quests. To date Philip travels extensivly teaching on all aspects of Pranayama WS3 5DZ