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IST 19/29 Neurolinguistic Programming for Yoga Teachers

12th October 2019 - 13th October 2019
at Cooper Hall

IST 19/29 Neurolinguistic Programming for Yoga Teachers

Tutor: Antonia Boyd

Date: 12th October 2019 - 13th October 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Cooper Hall

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 0

THIS IST DAY IS NOW FULL. To be put onto the waiting list, please contact the organiser on

About the Tutor

Antonia Boyle has been a yoga tutor with the BWY since 1976 and is a retired DCT after 22 years of service.
She qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming in 1994 then specialised in NLP and health. She has worked as a coach on NLP courses with some of the foremost trainers in the world. She uses NLP in her own teaching and has developed a number of courses.

Course prerequisites

  • An open mind and a sense of curiosity. You will be introduced to some principles that are totally new to you and others that you might have come across before. Now is the time to refine these.
  • Knowing and not minding that this is no normal ‘asanas in the morning and a chat in the afternoon’ training. The asana session will be totally directed towards understanding why it is that you can achieve so much more simply by applying models of NLP.

Aims of the Day – Day 1

  • To enable teachers to use appropriate language as effectively as possible.
  • To teach methods of gaining and maintaining rapport with individuals and groups
  • To show the power of words and actions by practical means – achieved by the use of effective vocal cues and body language during teaching
  • To examine the effects of using imagination and positive memory in teaching
  • To learn a highly effective NLP relaxation model

Objectives of the day – Day 1

Teachers will:

  • Have practical experience of the effects of using positively stated language patterns, so that they start to be able to use these during their classes
  • Be able to help their students change limiting beliefs they might hold about their capabilities.
  • Know how to build and maintain rapport so that their students feel the teacher is on the same wavelength.
  • Be introduced to the skill of recognising highly Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic people in their classes and able to adjust their language patterns accordingly.
  • Understand the principles of some NLP beliefs
  • Be able to start to use a specially designed NLP-bases and highly effective relaxation model.

Aims of the day – Day 2

  • To introduce the principles of associated and dissociated states and the importance of control of state for both teacher and student
  • To practice exercises to clarify the use of language patterns – visual, kinaesthetic and auditory
  • To practice the principle of modelling excellence during asana performance
  • To refine the principles behind the NLP relaxation model and how to effectively teach meditation to a mixed group including techniques to help students to easily reach the right meditative state.
  • To practice meditation techniques taking into account kinaesthetic, visual and auditory requirements.

Objectives of the day – Day 2

Teachers will:

  • Be confident about improving and applying principles of earlier learning to their teaching.
  • Be able to change their own state to avoid exhaustion and burn-out and to help their students change state.
  • Learn a highly sophisticated problem solving model.
  • Continue to realise how important it is to recognise that the mix of highly visual, auditory and kinaesthetic people in their classes, and be able to adjust their language patterns accordingly
  • Be able to help students lose limiting beliefs about what is possible to get the most out of their practice.
  • Be able to motivate their students to have success both in postures and mental practices by using the power of the unconscious mind.
  • Be confident in being creative and making the relaxation model their own.
  • Fully understand why meditation preparations are so important for students and why they work so well.

Each day the course will run from 10am-4pm and it is a two day course, you can only book onto both days.

Non-member tickets will become available two months before the event.

Event Organiser: Jacqueline Stevenson


Cooper Hall
Witton Gilbert
County Durham


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