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WS 19/28 - The Beauty of the Breath in Mobility and Strength

21st September 2019
at Newton and Bywell Community Hall

WS 19/28 - The Beauty of the Breath in Mobility and Strength

Tutor: Anthea Sweet

Date: 21st September 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Newton and Bywell Community Hall

Type of Event: Other

Places Available: 12

If you have any queries about this workshop, please contact the organisers:

Jacqueline Stevenson:
Carol Alderton:

The workshop is suitable for all yogis of all ages with some experience. 

About the Tutor

Anthea Sweet
BWY Diploma
Advanced Yoga Sports CoachTM
Head of Tutoring for Yoga Sports Science

Anthea has 13 years' experience of teaching classes and of 1:1 yoga, specialising in posture and movement mechanics. She has completed Gary Carter's 'Anatomy Series' and is also a qualified sports/remedial therapies treating sports injuries. 

The Beauty of the Breath in Mobility and Strength: keeping safe in your yoga practice




Yoga is all about flexibility, right?  Wrong…….. at least, it’s not just about flexibility. 

Our bodies vary enormously, with postural patterns affected by 21stcentury lifestyles. Everyone is different, but there are common patterns of posture and weakness, which lay us open to injury. 

In this workshop, we’ll identify common areas of weakness, vulnerability and imbalance, and discover how we can best look after our own individual body in yoga classes and in our personal practice. 

We’ll get to the bottom of why flexibility is not enough and how the breath supports both an open body and a strong body at the same time – and build our awareness for a balanced and healthy structure both as we continue our current everyday routines and as we age.

There will be lots of practical work, including games and props, and we will use examples from all types of activity and lifestyles, from sport to the world of office work, to help you put together a personal plan for supporting your own healthy practice.

We’ll consider what it really means to be strong in our core, why this important - and how we can bring this into our yoga practice without doing the dreaded sit-ups and crunchies!  


Newton and Bywell Community Hall
NE43 7UL


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