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Journey into Back Bending with Zoe Knott

31st October 2020
at Trinity Methodist Church

Journey into Back Bending with Zoe Knott

Tutor: Zoe Knott

Date: 31st October 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Trinity Methodist Church

Type of Event: CPD Event

Places Available: 17

Zoe Knott


Zoe is a Diploma Course Tutor and also the DCT Training Officer.

Over 30 years of yoga practice with many different teachers from a variety of traditions has resulted in an eclectic style of teaching that has been influenced by all those she has worked with. Her fundamental approach is to build strength as the cornerstone of practice and from there all poses become possible. Asana are broken down and analysed. Zoe looks at the muscles that need to be strong or flexible and works in detail gradually building up the components of a pose.

Zoe has taken the additional BWY modules in Pranayama and Pregnancy. As well as running regular yoga classes, the Foundation Course, Teacher Training and travelling round the country giving Workshops, Zoe runs regular yoga holidays.



About the Workshop


Zoe loves Backbends! They stretch and open the front of the body while strengthening the muscles of the back in a way that counters our general daily forward movements.

On an esoteric level she finds backbends exhilarating and energizing, encouraging the mind to be awake, alert and clear. Some backbends may be challenging but then so is life at times. We would not know we were alive without challenges. So exhilaration and challenge live side by side in backbends.

Yet………….. among our students, the market for "I ♥ Backbends” t-shirts is limited. Why is that? As back bends should be just as much a cornerstone of our practice as forward bends.

The Workshop will look at three areas:

1. Why we work in these poses.

2. Stages to allow all abilities to progress safely.

3. How to move in and out of postures in the safest way.

Attendees will prepare for asana with specific techniques to stretch or strengthen relevant muscles. The postures will be broken down and considered stage by stage. This will enable everyoneto give each of their students a stage they can work with and a path on which they can progress forward on their ‘Journey Into Back Bending’.


Trinity Methodist Church
Trinity Gardens
Bramhall Lane
North West


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