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Opening to the Expression of Simply Being

6th June 2020
at This event will now be delivered via Zoom

Opening to the Expression of Simply Being

Tutor: Andrew Wrenn

Date: 6th June 2020

Time: 10:30 - 15:00

Location: This event will now be delivered via Zoom

Type of Event: CPD Event

Places Available: 11

Opening to the expression of simply being with Andrew Wrenn

This event will go ahead but due to the COVID-19 outbreak it will now be delivered via Zoom and details of how to join the class will be sent out via email in advance of the day.

Aims of the Morning

To introduce the philosophical ideas of the OM symbol and the experiential relevance this has upon our yoga practice and day to day lives.
To Chant the Om mantra
To teach how to apply the philosophy through the tools of Asana, (limbering movements and classical postures).
To teach how to apply the philosophy during a short meditation.
To teach the concept of using the physical body and breath as a medium to present moment realisation, (the expression of simply being).


To give a basic understanding of the OM symbol.
To introduce the idea of a new enquiry into a students approach to their yoga (and self) directly relating to the OM
To practice postures and movement with insight.
To practice meditation with insight
To practice chanting with insight.
Aims of the Afternoon

Deliver a Satsang (spiritual and philosophical discussion). Talking about the theme and also how to pass this on to students.0
Exploring postures from upon the mat and inversions, with reference throughout to the days theme.
To practice pranayama, looking at the physical benefits but also how the practice directly relates to the philosophy.
To finish with a relaxation


To promote a discussion with members of the group and myself over the mornings practice, a discussion upon all of the elements physical, spiritual and philosophical.
To be competent practising and teaching pranayama.
To have more understanding on how to put a philosophical theme into class plan.

Marketing will be exploring Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra and how these "tools” relate to and reveal the connection and the union between "our self” and our "higher Self”.
We will use the analogy of Shiva/Shakti – Prakriti/Purusha and the symbol OM to explore our divine connection and how can these energies reveal themselves in our everyday life.
As well as the practical aspects of yoga, there will be the opportunity for a spiritual discussion (Satsang) after lunch.


This event will now be delivered via Zoom
Joining details to follow


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