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How to work with Patanjali 5/6/21

5th June 2021
at Zoom

How to work with Patanjali 5/6/21

Tutor: Angela Ashwin

Date: 5th June 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:30

Location: Zoom

Type of Event: CPD Event

Places Available: 14

Aims: To present an overview of Patanjali, its purpose and show how to work with the text. Demonstrate, by using several verses to instruct practical yoga, that Patanjali is an instruction manual to be practised, not a philosophy to be understood


learning outcomes:

cognitive: By the end of the day students should know and be able to explain:

- the main thread going through Patanjali

- how to interpret a sutra

- the meaning of Patanjali 1,1-3; 1,14 and 4,1-3

psychomotor: By the end of the day the students should be able to:

- work with the Sanskrit text and the translations of a sutra

- start to introduce the Patanjali messages into their practice

- see how that work can change their teaching over time

affective: By the end of the day the students should feel and sense:

- an enthusiasm about Patanjali

- a new insight that Patajalis’s messages "need to be practised for a long time, uninterrupted with

 earnest devotion” (1,14)

- new ways of making their practice and teaching more wholistic and meaningful


10.00am: Introduction and a presentation of an overview of Patanjali


11,00am: Demonstrate how to work with a sutra, considering the age, the weight of the statement, the Sanskrit, translations and consider whether commentaries are of high importance


12.00pm: Practical:

- Patanjali 1,1: the sutras need to be practised,

- Patanjali 1,2: practise the sutras

- Patanjali 1,3: don’t believe any statement, experience it

- Patanjali 1,14: and practise needs to be done


1.30pm lunch


2.30pm: Patanjali 4,1-3: Progression in Yoga. Practice asana, pranayama, samyama (mind control) following the message of the sutras to see what progress in yoga is and do it.


4.30pm: Questions and answers and ending


Rossett Hall
Station Rd
LL12 0HE


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How to work with Patanjali 5th June 2020

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About Angela Ashwin

Angela Ashwin is a Yoga Teacher and British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor with over thirty years of Yoga experience. She has taught Yoga for over twenty five years and during this time gained a BWY Diploma. She qualified as a BWY Diploma Course Tutor in 2003. She sees Yoga and Meditation as a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit that unifies Yoga philosophy into physical movement and breathing, she is specialised on interpretation of classic txts and integrating them into the yoga practice.