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Yoga for Menopause Pilot CPD

31st July 2021
at Zoom

Yoga for Menopause Pilot CPD

Tutor: Kate KNOWLES

Date: 31st July 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Zoom

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 0

Yoga can be a wonderful way of supporting a woman through menopause. Asana practices may help maintain strength and flexibility. Pranayama and relaxation techniques learnt in class can be used in daily life whenever necessary to soothe the mind and body. A group of women sharing experiences in a yoga class can be a life changing experience, giving women the opportunity to realise they are not alone. Yoga for Menopause incorporates elements of Hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, Qi Gong and Ayurveda. Kate has trained in Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney, and yoga for menopause with Francoise Freedman. These two training courses complemented one another extremely well, so Kate is well placed to share her integration of the two approaches to yoga and menopause. Since beginning teaching yoga to groups of women going through menopause, Kate has seen the benefits it can bring, and regularly receives messages the morning after class about what a good sleep the students have had !

This CPD pilot is open to all BWY teachers interested in understanding the effects that menopause may have on their students and how specific yoga practises may help alleviate certain symptoms.

Aims of the Morning

Provide the learners with information about the different stages of menopause, average ages and exceptions to the average, the key symptoms of menopause (including brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, anger, insomnia) and lesser known symptoms (itchy skin, dry eyes, numbness, palpitations, joint pain to name a few).  To impart information about the hormonal changes that occur, and also to cover the medical controversy over how best for women to cope with these changes in hormonal levels.  To guide the learners through an asana and pranayama practice that may help women cope with hot flushes.


1.       Practice ocean breath, with the different stages of the practice explored and modifications.

2.       Practice sitali or sitkari breathing techniques and consider how these may benefit women experiencing hot flushes. 

3.   3.    Reflect on the effect the asana and pranayama practice has had, and feedback to the teacher.

Aims of the Afternoon

Lead an asana and pranayama sequence to help women cope with anxiety and sleep disturbances.  The asana practice will focus on restorative yoga poses, using props as necessary to optimise comfort levels for participants. The practice will include mudras (heart-womb river, hridaya and yoni) to nurture and support women.  Lead the practice of pranayama techniques that may help women cope with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm (Extended exhalation, Chandra bheda and First Triangles breathing). Lead the practice of techniques to help women who are feeling tired to re-energise (Breath of Joy).  Consider the use of affirmations and sankalpa that women may find useful.  Poetry will be used to support the learners while they rest in the restorative poses.  Lead the group in a yoga nidra practice.



1.       Recall five symptoms of menopause

2.       Describe three pranayama practices that can be used in a mixed ability class (including beginners) which may be of help to menopausal women, from those explored in class today.

3.       Identify a sequence of three restorative poses that participants would practice regularly themselves, and also use for teaching their students. 




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About Kate KNOWLES

Kate qualified with the BWY in 2007, and has been teaching since 2004, having trained with Rosemary Bennett (Swami Premananda). Kate has also undertaken additional training in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs with Alison Trewhela; Yoga for People living with Cancer with Julie Friedeberger; Baby Yoga with Marion O’Connor (Birthlight); Yin / Yang yoga with Debbie Radcliffe; Anatomy for Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff; Yoga and the Sacred Feminine with Reva: Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney and Yoga for Menopause with Francoise Freedman. (Birthlight). Kate also teaches chair based yoga classes. Kate is the BWY County Rep for North Wales. Kate's classes are gentle, with stronger movements available for those who want them. A variety of yogic themes are explored from week to week. Classes focus on health and wellbeing with class participants offered suggestions for home practice. The overall aim is for people to leave class feeling better than when they arrived ! For more information see