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Recognised Centres

British Wheel of Yoga Recognised Centres are yoga organisations that show excellence in their specialised field of yoga. They do not offer general hatha yoga teacher training and do not therefore overlap with the BWY Training Centre or BWY Established Accredited Groups/Approved Training Organisations. Recognised Centre status enables the organisation to link to BWY and advertise the fact that their work is valued and appreciated by the Sport England Governing Body for Yoga. BWY has evaluated the work of these centres and has a high degree of confidence in their quality. However, Recognised Centres are not formally accredited or regulated by BWY and we take no direct responsibility for the activities or training that may be offered by these centres, which are autonomous organisations.

Astanga Yoga London

Astanga Yoga London (AYL) was set up in 1999 by Hamish Hendry.

Its aim then, as well as now, is simply to teach Astanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. At their own pace and rhythm, students in our Mysore classes practice whatever series of postures Hamish has given them. He gives unique, personal guidance in the form of physical adjustments and verbal cues as and when needed. AYL also holds philosophy classes, conferences and a monthly led class. AYL is a safe and caring environment, supportive of all yogis as daily practice is encouraged.

The range of students is broad from the beginner to the more experienced and Hamish welcomes them all. Hamish also publishes the yoga magazine Pushpam, and has written a book called "Yoga Dharma.”
Phone: 07747824178

The Minded Institute

The Minded Institute is a World Leader in the Development and Professional Training of evidence based yoga therapy and mindfulness program. The Institute believes that healing is possible for people from all walks of society and uses a whole person approach that includes attention to physical, neurological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the individual. Through a combination of yoga therapy, mindfulness techniques, therapeutic skills and medical science, we train yoga teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals to use mind-body techniques with people suffering from long-term mental and physical health complaints. Our 550 hour certificate in yoga therapy provides is an in-depth programme that gives professionals the skills to truly help others from a base of compassion, practical acumen, insight, and modern science. We also offer a 200 hour Pilamaya yoga training for individuals who are looking for a unique heart based approach to yoga teaching.

Additionally, the Institute provides an array of CPDs that focus on specific health needs including everything from lower back pain, to PTSD, cardiac rehab, addictions, and much, much more. Each of our programmes provide a fusion of cutting edge science and its practical applications in conjunction with the age old wisdom of yoga and mindfulness. We believe through this integrated approach, healing is available to many more people in a digestive, sensitive, and truly effective manner.

Contact details for trainings and enquiries:
Phone: 07988 821323

Special Yoga (SY)

Special yoga was founded in 2004 by Jo Manuel to make yoga available to all children and their families with a specific support for children with special needs. Her aim has long been to develop and implement therapeutic Yoga programmes and trainings, supported by scientific research, that allow children to receive its significant benefits and thus assist each child in reaching their fullest potential.
Special Yoga is a centre of excellence for Yoga Teacher Training and specialised training modules. Courses include Integral Hatha Yoga Basic training 200 hours, Gentle Therapeutic Yoga 100 hours, Intermediate Integral Hatha Yoga as well as modules in Special Yoga for Special Children, Special Yoga for adults with special needs, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children and Teens that are open to school teachers, paediatric professionals, parents as well as Yoga teachers and trainee Yoga teachers. One day intensives include Special Yoga for Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, Enchanted Wonders - enhance a child’s self expression, and Teens Yoga.

Contact details for trainings:
Contact details for therapies and general enquiries:
Phone: 0208 968 1900


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB)

yoga for healthy backs

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs trains well-qualified, experienced yoga teachers via a 300-hour teacher training course (YHLB TT) in how to deliver an evidence-based long-term self-management programme. This high quality, successful ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme was designed for the York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences, University of York randomized controlled trial, which resulted in five published peer-reviewed papers(Annals of Internal Medicine, Spine Journal, Physiotherapy, CTCP; 2011-2014), 100s of citations, primary mentions in multiple back pain research reviews and articles. These clinical trials were generously funded by the charity Arthritis Research UK.


The 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB) course is considered ‘best practice’ specialized yoga for low back pain - it was shown through one of the largest, most significant, rigorous and robust yoga trials to be effective ‘for those with a history of low back pain’. YHLB represents good entry-point yoga for those with chronic / recurring / episodic low back pain. Those already practising yoga also benefit from returning to basics to learn from this gentle and kind approach to improving posture, breathing, mobility, strengthening, stretching, relaxation / meditation, awareness / mindfulness, and foundational understanding of yoga philosophy and optimum back function. The course allows for personalized modifications, but is purposefully well-structured and standardized, thanks to its comprehensive evidence-based educational resources.


YHLB appeals to Public Health / NHS with its unique specificity, quality assurance and strong evidence-base, as published papers showed it would be cost-effective for the NHS and a dominant treatment for society. The H. Tilbrook et al and LH. Chuang et al research papers contributesignificantly to the body of evidence supporting national recommendations for the use of yoga as an option formind-bodygroup exercise. Workplaces are interested in this back-care yoga programme, as it was found it would save costs by reducing annual work absenteeism by 70%.


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (Ltd.) social enterprise project, Member of BCYT,

Alison Trewhela (YHLB TT Tutor); Anna Semlyen (BWY YHLB IST Tutor)

Website dedicated to educating about and sharing the yoga programme used in The University of York / Arthritis Research UK randomised control trial uk


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is the global leader in providing a world class sports-specific yoga education to yoga, healthcare and fitness professionals. It is the missing link in yoga and sports training. Through the application of science, we bridge the gap between yoga and sport, enabling yoga enthusiasts and athletes of all ages and abilities to benefit from our tried and tested methods.
Our evidenced-based, sports-specific yoga approach of teaching yoga to athletes, provides our students with a unique opportunity to turn a passion for yoga and sport, into a professional career as a Yoga Sports Coach™.
Each student that has trained with us and completed their certification as a Yoga Sports Coach™ has contributed to our growing database of evidence, demonstrating how and why yoga works to prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

Our mission is simple: we train yoga professionals to deliver sports-specific yoga to athletes, tailored to the demands of their sport and integrated into their training in an easy, sustainable and enjoyable way.

We have been delivering our sports-specific yoga online since 2009 and were one of the pioneers in teaching yoga in a virtual classroom.  We are now delivering our Courses both online and in a live training environment.

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® has its campus in New York. Our tutors also deliver our live Courses in the UK.

Yoga Studio Ely

Yoga Studio Ely was established by Mark Stevens in 2004.

It is a rural studio just outside the Cathedral City of Ely set in an tranquil organic garden and orchard, a home to vegatables, fruit, flowers and wildlife as well as yogis!

Our teaching is grounded in the 8 Limbs of Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and emphasises high qualitiy teaching in the Sivananda and Jivamukti lineages with linked devotional practices, yogic pranayama and meditation techniques. This foundation is supported by yoga philosophy and environmental and dietary awareness.

Our emphasis is on creating a dynamic and supportive community of yoga practictioners and teachers who project positivley into the community. 

The Studio runs regular workshops and hosts retreats with International teachers and Swamis fom India with whom Mark has studied over the years. 

Mark enjoys mentoring and supporting new teachers in their development. Six other teachers, all long term students at the studio now share the teaching with Mark. As well as the weekly classes the Studio offers regular Satsangs, Yoga Meditation, Kids Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Preganancy Yoga and vegan cooking classes. 

Our work at the Studio is dedicated to those who have taught and inspired us..... Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnu Devananda, Swami Govindananda, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Ruth Lauer Mananti, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Gregor Maehle and Ruth Lauer Manenti.

Ourmala was set up in 2011 by Emily Brett. 

Its aim then, as well as now, is to enable people who are refugees and asylum-seekers, including survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery, to access yoga. 

Most who attend our classes are recovering from war, torture, gender based violence and other human cruelty. The results we see through the yoga programme are wonderfully positive.

Ourmala provides a safe space to breathe and heal, offering specialist yoga, a welcoming and supportive community and other wrap-around services. 

All our yoga classes are free for students and we refund the cost of travel for most, without which they would not be able to afford to attend.

Ourmala stands for dedicated yoga practice. Simply put, our work is about aligning our hearts, minds, words and actions and we value most deeply kindness.

Phone: 07964 551 090

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