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Teaching Vulnerable Groups in Scotland

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At the recent AGM I was asked about how teaching vulnerable groups differs in Scotland, and specifically for the Gentle Years Yoga Course, as the legislation is different up here.  

Luckily in BWY we have a safeguarding officer, Rebecca Morris (, so all enquiries should be directed to her.  This is her reply:

The BWY requirements are still the same for Scotland. So in terms of teaching Gentle Years yoga and Postnatal yoga then teachers are required to have undergone safeguarding training and to keep this updated every 3 years. I have attached information about safeguarding training. I understand that the terminology for Local Safeguarding Boards in Scotland is Child / Adult Protection Committees and links to these are provided in the attached documents. I am happy to answer queries about accessing safeguarding training on an individual basis if people have any queries.

If teachers of Gentle Years Yoga are teaching groups of what they would identify as 'adults at risk' (policy attached for explanation), they need to complete forms A and B (attached) and return to me at Central Office.

Rebecca attached several forms in this reply to me.  Some of these will be available to see once you log in to your BWY account.  Go the Resources section.  I have decided not to attach any of the forms here in case they go out of date.  If you have a safeguarding query or concern please contact Rebecca Morris directly (  who will be able to guide you.

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