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Clarification on upper age limits for insurance purposes

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There was recently an enquiry from a member about upper age limits, and whether the ages in the Bluefin policy referred to teachers or students.  

Before I answer this can I please state that I am not an insurance expert and that any enquiries should go directly to Bluefin, our insurers.  So now I have made that caveat, I can confirm that :
  • there is no upper age limit for the students we teach
  • for insurance purposes there is no upper age limit for teachers under this policy for public liability insurance
  • teachers up to the age of 70 have full personal accident liability insurance.  
  • teachers from 70 to 75 receive only 50% of the benefits of personal accident liability insurance
  • teachers over the age of 75 need to advise their insurers for the purposes of their personal accident liability insurance
  • all of the above assumes that teachers are teaching as per BWY guidelines.  
I hope this makes sense.  If in doubt, ask.  

Nicola Bourke and the BWY Scotland Committee

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Clarification on upper age limits for insurance purposes

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