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Pranayama: The Power to Heal 20/79

28th November 2020
at online

Pranayama: The Power to Heal 20/79

Tutor: philip Xerri

Date: 28th November 2020

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

Location: online

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 18

Pranayama: The Power to Heal
Aims of the Day:
1/ Introduce the concept of Prana as the core energy of the body and Pranayama as a means whereby this energy can be manipulated in regards to self healing and rejuvenation.
2/ Introduce theoretically and experientially practices based on Aim 1

Objectives for the Morning:
1/ Participants will experience the Pranava AUM which combines sectional breathing, Prana Mudras and Mantras to infuse the whole body with Prana and therapeutic sound.
2/ Participants will learn how to modify the Pranava AUM with further Mudras that will enable them to perform Directional Healing: the ability to direct prana/sound into any specific location in the body.
3/ Participants will experience Rhythmical Breathing and a Rejuvenation Mudra bases on Savitri Pranayama.
4/ Participants will experience Bhastrika Pranayama and learn how to harness the vibrational energy of this practice for self healing.

Objectives for the Afternoon:
1/ Participants will experience Kaya Kriya - a deeply relaxing relaxing practice based on sectional breathing which is also used in Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy) to release trauma in the neck.
2/ Participants will experience a set of Rhythmical Pranayamas - the Panch Sahita, that are associated with the rejuvenation of certain organic structures: lungs, liver, digestive organs, organs of elimination and the heart.
3/ Participants will experience two practices based on Nadi Shodanah that are associated with nurturing, purifying and balancing the Nervous System.
4/ Participants will experience a variation of Brahma Mudra involving gentle movement of the neck with conscious breathing and therapeutic sound.

Teaching Material Used On The Day
Comprehensive Handouts covering all practices

Methods of presenting the subject
Guided Practice
About the Tutor
Philip originally trained with Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry 1981. He completed a BA (Hons) Lancaster University, Comparative Religion, 1984 and his BWY Dip 1985. In 1986, Philip founded Yoga Quests, running many Courses throughout the UK and abroad. He devised and produced the Pranayama 1 year Foundation Course in 2000 which runs as the Pranayama Module for the BWY.
Philp has been teaching Yoga and pranayama for over 30 years. His main focus is Pranayama: the safe, structured and progressive practice and teaching thereof without losing any of the power and potency inherent in all forms of Pranayama. 




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Pranayama: The Power to Heal £30.00
Pranayama: The Power to Heal

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