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Embodied Mindfulness - a journey of discovery to Self-awareness, deep insight & meaning

21st February 2021
at Zoom event

Embodied Mindfulness - a journey of discovery to Self-awareness, deep insight & meaning

Tutor: Judy Hirsh Sampath

Date: 21st February 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Zoom event

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 0

About Judy Hirsh Sampath

During an intensely emotional period in her life, Judy came to a profound insight through receiving yoga therapy. When she asked herself "what would happen if I focused on what is right with me instead of trying to fix what is wrong with me?” Judy has been exploring ways into the body’s wisdom ever since.

As a yoga therapist and educator, she engages health seekers, truth seekers and wisdom holders in becoming experts in themselves - to find their own answers, to make wise choices, to stress less and to feel good physically, mentally and spiritually.

Judy Hirsh Sampath says ‘We all face situations where we feel overwhelmed by events in our lives. Personal situations can create chronic stress, feelings of confusion, negative internal dialogue and overwhelming sadness which can take hold of our spirit, mess with our mind, and get stuck in the body.’ Judy believes that yoga can have positive effects on how we view our own reality and meditation is key. ‘All the knowledge we need is buried deep inside ourselves and yoga practices can help us to uncover what we have forgotten, to connect, restore our health and heal ourselves.’

Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and inner wisdom. She has delivered yoga, meditation, embodied mindfulness and yoga therapy in health spas, offices, schools, mental health & fertility settings in group and 1-2-1 in person and online. She is consistently amazed by the magic that happens on the mat and how it transitions into life.

Judy Hirsh Sampath is a senior yoga teacher, and yoga therapist working in north London and South India since the turn of the century, a milestone for her in changing career from a stressful TV career, to a spiritual calling into service through yoga. 

She holds The British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma, teaches the BWY Foundation course, and modules in yoga therapy, and restful sleep. She is on the faculty of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in the US and a qualified yoga therapist (C-IAYT). She has also completed courses in NLP, Shamanic journeying, and Art Therapy.

When she’s not working, she enjoys bootcamp and chocolate, not in equal quantities but working on balancing the two!

IST day

This experiential workshop guides teachers, therapists and carers to think less, and to tune into the body more, to access the wisdom within, to befriend it, to listen and trust it. Judy believes that this powerful, compassionate and sensitive approach is the gateway to healing the body, mind and spirit, and insightful experiences can lead to liberation as well as create a steady foundation for yoga teaching and yoga therapy. Judy will not prescribe one ‘style’ of yoga but will offer a range of practices that start with the physical body as an entry point to a deeper understanding of Self. Judy believes that this renewed realization can create a generosity of spirit which can override stress, bring courage to explore difficult emotions and a troubled mind, and tap into creativity, joy and success.

It has certainly helped her to live a healthier, richer and more joyful life. Maybe it will work for you too.


What to expect

Judy will guide you through warm ups, asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. She will facilitate enquiry on how to incorporate embodied mindfulness into yoga classes, the difference in the roles of a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist, how to liberate ourselves as teachers and offer self agency to students. There will be a yoga therapy demo, time to discuss, share experiences, Q&A and information on The Yoga United Education diploma in Yoga Therapy in 10 modules which starts with BWY quality-assured foundation module 1: The Essentials.

Aims of the Morning

To offer:
Direct experience of embodied mindfulness in yoga practice
How to notice & listen to the bodys intelligence
how to notice more and think less


Participants will
be able to understand the concept of deep listening
practice embodied mindfulness through body scan
experience movement and asana practice to access the bodys intelligence
discuss what blocks deeper wisdom

Aims of the Afternoon

To offer:
Discuss how to incorporate into general classes
What it means to educate our students
What are we really saying when we tell our students to listen to their body
Empower ourselves as teachers, and how to offer the same to students
1-2-1 - working as a yoga therapist


Participants will
have experience of awareness through the koshas, pranamaya & meditation
Understand the difference between educating and teaching
Apply the theories to their own experience of teaching and share stories
Experience yoga nidra based on the days learning

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Handouts, whiteboard, presentation, YouTube video, journal

Methods of presenting the subject

Experiential sessions - warm ups, asana, pranayama, meditation, sankalpa & yoga nidra. Discussion, sharing stories, teacher support, journaling, Q&A

About the Tutor

Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to educate health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and inner wisdom.

She sees the physical body as an entry point to a deeper understanding of Self. Unlocking the bodies natural intelligence opens up a healing space for stress, grief, emotional & mental turmoil - as well as tapping into creativity, clarity and truth.

She takes yoga, meditation, embodied mindfulness, restorative yoga and yoga therapy into health spas, offices, schools, mental health & fertility settings. She runs courses and retreats in UK and India.

Outline plan for the day

10am introduction what is good teaching?
10.15 Body scan
10.35 discussion
11.10 Asana practice
1pm lunch
2pm Pranayama & meditation on koshas
2.30pm Discussion - layers and ways of being
3.00 integration from mat to life
3.40 Yoga Nidra

Other information

The day is suitable for all teachers who are looking for ways to empower themselves as educators, to trust their inner wisdom, and to take their students on a journey of discovery to greater self-awareness, deeper insight and more meaning.


Zoom event


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