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ONLINE - Somatics & Yoga: developing the inner felt sense

25th September 2021
at Online

ONLINE - Somatics & Yoga: developing the inner felt sense

Tutor: Debby Wilkinson

Date: 25th September 2021

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Online

Type of Event: Other

Places Available: 0

ONLINE Half Day Workshop

There’s an increasing interest in the practice of Somatics, quite simply because it is a beautiful practice that works!  A deep mind-body system that supports the practice of ‘mindful yoga’, Somatics can bring about significant change to the functioning of the body and is utterly transformative.  Through it we can develop a deep ‘inner felt sense’ that changes the way we move our body in all that we do, including our yoga practice.

So, what is Somatics?

Somatics is a practice where we learn to re-programme our muscles (neuromuscular re-programming); where we discover what is tight and learn through guided movement how to release it.  Our bodies react unconsciously to habitual movement and daily stresses, often becoming tight and painful.  Following an injury or illness muscles can get ‘stuck’ in a certain pattern of holding. Somatics can help you learn how to release and recalibrate your muscles allowing the body to re-find an ease in movement that may have been ‘long gone’.  In Somatics you use your brain to change your body and so the effects are faster and longer lasting.  At the same time, you rebalance your muscular-skeletal system and you learn to perceive your body from within.

The athlete, the experienced Yogi, the dancer/actor will discover a greater ease, fluidity and range of movement in their existing practice; the busy executive or busy mum will discover ways to reduce pain and release tight necks, backs, knees and hips by themselves.  The injured or those in chronic pain will discover movements that can help alleviate their condition. The older person will find ways to counter the effects of aging.   EVERYONE will benefit from the practice and the movements are pleasurable and relaxing and have an elegant simplicity to them.

This workshop will include an introduction to the theory behind Somatics; an introduction to a range of Somatics movements in a guided practice and an exploration on the relationship between Yoga and Somatics.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

About the tutor:
Debby is an experienced Yoga and Somatics teacher, and has been a BWY Diploma Course Tutor for the last 12 years.  She runs the highly successful White Horse Yoga Centre in Devizes, Wiltshire, where she runs weekly classes (both Yoga and Somatics), teacher training courses, workshops and CPD events for teachers and experienced students.  She also hosts a number of national and international visiting teachers.  

Workshop Joining Information
As this event is online, you will receive the Zoom connection instructions 1 week before the event. A BWY Student Health Questionnaire will be sent to you 3 weeks before, which you must complete and return before the workshop. If you haven't received the Zoom or Health Questionnaire emails, please contact the event organiser after checking your Junk/Spam folder.





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