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19/78 - How to Incorporate Pregnant Students into your Normal Class

14th September 2019
at St Anthony of Padua Church Hall

19/78 - How to Incorporate Pregnant Students into your Normal Class

Tutor: Fiona Wells

Date: 14th September 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: St Anthony of Padua Church Hall

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 14

Aims of the Morning
1. to stimulate interest in yoga for pregnancy;
2. to highlight the benefits and cautions of practicing yoga in pregnancy;
3. to give an overview of the stages of pregnancy and the affect of pregnancy on the woman's anatomy and physiology;
4. to teach some examples of modified practices for pregnancy;
5. to develop the students' ability to modify practices for themselves.
1. students will be able to list some benefits of practicing yoga in pregnancy (cognitive);
2. they will clearly know which asanas are prohibited and which should be modified for any particular stage of pregnancy (cognitive);
3. they will feel more confident about modifying commonly taught postures (affective);
4. they will be able to practice some simple movements and postures beneficial in pregnancy (psychomotor); 5. they will have some understanding of how a woman's anatomy and physiology changes during pregnancy (cognitive).
Aims of the Afternoon
1. to review the morning and answer any questions;
2. to highlight the benefits, precautions, and prohibitions when practicing breathing techniques and pranayama;
3. to teach some breathing techniques suitable for pregnancy;
4. to discuss how students feel about incorporating a pregnant woman into their class;
5. to give information about further training in yoga for pregnancy.
1. students will discover how to modify postures for relaxation in pregnancy and will be able to practice these poses (cognitive and psychomotor);
2. they will have experienced a relaxation technique ideal for pregnancy (affective);
3. they will know which breathing practices are beneficial in pregnancy and which practices should be avoided (cognitive);
4. they will be able to practice Nadi Shodhana using Shunya Mudra and Ujjayi Pranayama (exhale only) (psychomotor);
5. they will feel more confident about advising pregnant women in their class and dealing with enquiries from pregnant women about joining their class (affective)
About the Tutor

Fiona has been teaching Yoga since 1993 and Yoga for Pregnancy since 1995, she is also a qualified school teacher and taught Science either full or part-time in comprehensive schools for 10 years. Having done a degree in Physiology and Biochemistry, she remains very interested in the working and anatomy of the human body through the stages of life. Fiona practiced Yoga through her own two pregnancies and discovered how beneficial to women this could be, but it was when she trained with Francoise Freedman (founder of Birthlight) that she fully realized the extent that Yoga could enhance the joy of pregnancy and also provide fantastic tools to ease labour and birth. Further study with Francoise at Birthlight gave Fiona the qualification to teach Fiona Wells page 3 Postnatal Yoga and Baby Yoga; she has been running Mother with Baby Yoga and Infant Massage Courses since 2000. Fiona completed running her first BWY Diploma Course with co-tutor Michael Hutchinson in April 2014.Post code: RG27 9BX

Outline plan for the day
Introduction (Explanation) Briefly introduce myself and background; state the Aims of the day.
Discuss and List Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy (small group discussion, whole group discussion, tutor explanation) Students briefly discuss in small groups the benefits of practicing yoga in pregnancy. Small groups feedback to whole group and I will list ideas on flip chart, offering a deeper a explanation of, and adding to their ideas.
Discuss and List Concerns, Cautions and Prohibitions of Practicing Yoga in the Different Stages of Pregnancy. (Tutor explanation, whole group discussion, looking at posters and model of spine and pelvis). I will outline 3 stages of pregnancy - what happens to the woman's body and explain her vulnerabilities. I will advise what women can safely practice at each stage and what should be avoided. We will discuss any concerns that the students have and I will answer their questions.
Movements and Postures Beneficial in Pregnancy (verbal instruction, demonstration, practical experience, tutor explanation) I will lead students through a yoga sequence modified for pregnancy and explain the benefits of each exercise.
Modifying Commonly Taught Asanas ( small group discussion, whole group discussion, practical experience)
Students work in small groups, they are given several cards with different postures on and they discuss: would they teach these poses to a pregnant woman; would they modify the poses to make is safer/more beneficial; would they give an alternative with a similar purpose. Each group will be given different poses so that a wide variety are covered. Students feedback to whole group and demonstrate any modifications/alternatives.
Give out handouts.
1.30 to 2.30 LUNCH BREAK
Review the Morning Objectives and Answer any Questions (Tutor explanation). I will remind the students of the main points covered in the morning.
Postures Suitable for Relaxation in Pregnancy (Tutor explanation, demonstration, practical experience) I will demonstrate postures that can be used for resting and relaxation during different stages of pregnancy, students will be given a handout and try out the different postures.
Deep Relaxation (Tutor explanation, practical experience, verbal instruction) I will remind students of the benefits of practicing relaxation in pregnancy and then, choosing one of the modified relaxation poses, students will be lead through a relaxation which is particularly pertinent in pregnancy.
3.20 Breathing Techniques and Pranayama (Tutor explanation, discussion, practical experience) I will ask students which practices during pregnancy they think would be beneficial, which should be prohibited, which could be modified. I will clarify their suggestions and explain how breathing is affected by pregnancy. I will lead the students through the practice of Nadi Shodhana with Shunya Mudra and Ujjayi (exhale only).
3.45 Conclusion (Tutor explanation Q and A)
Other information

It would be helpful if students could bring a mat, blocks, a couple of cushions or pillows and if they own a 65cm gym please bring that too (there is no need to go out and buy one). Students may also need paper and a pen. The day is aimed at Yoga Teachers who wish to safely incorporate pregnant women into their normal classes (where the woman is unable to attend a specialised Yoga for Pregnancy class). It will not qualify the teacher to set up Yoga for pregnancy classes.



St Anthony of Padua Church Hall
115 Headley Way
OX 3 7SS


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