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IST-Mindset for Yoga

13th October 2018
at Scaynes Hill Millenium Cntre

IST-Mindset for Yoga

Tutor: Stephen Braybrook

Date: 13th October 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Scaynes Hill Millenium Cntre

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 7

In this fascinating mind-brain-body workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of mind-brain integration and how this translates into movement. Stephen will guide you through four processes both theoretically and practically, of how the mind and brain affect our movement through "Brain Move". By the end of the workshop participants will have a fuller understanding of practical mind and brain science and a "tool box" of mind and brain drills that can be implemented within their yoga practice to assist with enhanced flexibility, freedom of movement and a stronger mental capacity.

Stephen Braybrook, aka The Movement Man, is a human movement expert, author of The Evolution of Biomechanics and the creator of Brain-Move. He helps movers, movement therapists and rehabilitation experts across the globe understand human movement from a fresh, integrated perspective. Stephen constantly seeks to push the boundaries of current movement theory and understanding to evolve the world of movement into the twenty first century, helping people of all abilities free their pain patterns and maximize human movement potential.

The event organiser is Melanie Johnson who can be contacted on

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Scaynes Hill Millenium Cntre
Lewes Road
Scaynes Hill
West Sussex
RH17 7NY


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About Stephen Braybrook

Stephen Braybrook; aka The Movement Man, has an MSc in Biomechanics, is a leading expert in the field of human movement, a fully qualified teacher, the author of The Evolution of Biomechanics and the founder and creator of Brain-Move. Stephen is a strong believer in intelligent movement and has a completely fresh perspective in the industry, gleaned from a blend of academic theory and applied practice. A self-confessed movement geek he lives and breathes movement – basically there is nothing this man can’t tell you about movement, your posture, freeing the mind-brain-body and how to reach your movement potential. Brain-Move is a method, developed by Stephen Braybrook, which encompasses mind-brain-body science, providing a set of applied and practical skills, that empowers fast, effective change. Ultimately, Brain-Move provides an integrated and innovative approach to educate, test, reset and activate. Overall, the aim of Brain-Move is to elicit a safe, soothing, and healing environment in the mind-brain-body, which enables the body a clean slate to respond from; facilitating positive mental and physical changes in the way you feel, learn and move. To find out more please visit: Website: or Facebook: brainmoveeducation or movementman Twitter: braybrooksj Instagram: brain_move_uk