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What is Somatics? Weekend Workshop

3rd October 2020 - 4th October 2020
at Wanstrow Village Hall

What is Somatics? Weekend Workshop

Tutor: Sally Mantle

Date: 3rd October 2020 - 4th October 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Wanstrow Village Hall

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 14

What is Somatics? Weekend Workshop

In response to your requests we welcome Sally Mantle

Sally Mantle MA, CMA, RSME, RSMT 
An early dance career led to Sally experiencing Somatics for the first time in the mid-nineties. Inspired by this embodied experience Sally went on to gain an MA in Somatic Studies and Laban Movement Analysis from Surrey University and become a Certified Movement Analyst and Qualified Developmental Movement Therapist in 2006. After this she was awarded Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist status by ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist Association). Whilst lecturing on Somatics, Classical and Experiential Anatomy and Physiology, Ballet and Pilates she wrote the module Understanding the Body for the Dance Theatre Performance degree at Plymouth University. She undertook her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher training with Suzanne Scott in 2007 and set up her Pilates and Somatics studio in the beautiful Somerset countryside, close to Glastonbury. Sally is normally to be found teaching 1-1 clients and small groups at her studio. She also loves surfing, open water diving, being outside, gardening, cooking and baking for friends and family. She lives in Glastonbury with her two cats.

Somatic s Weekend  Workshop

What is Somatics?

The Somatic field focuses on the nature of human movement and bodily experience. The term Somatics was coined by Thomas Hanna in 1976 to designate the study of the body through an experiential perspective; Somatics is the body seen from the inside out as well as the outside in. 
Day One: The morning session will outline the origins of the field of Somatics which can be traced to Wilhelm Wundt’s studies of gesture and Charles Darwin’s explorations of emotion in the late nineteenth century. Through practical exercises we experience this inner/outer relationship. The afternoon session will be a theoretical and practical investigation of the basic Neuro-developmental patterns (the fundamentals of human movement) using Bartenieff Fundamentals sequences with Body-Mind Centering® principles. The focus will be on identifying and practising these patterns of bodily organisation: Breath, Core-Distal, Head-Tail, Homologous, Homolateral, Contra-lateral and how these patterns relate to Yoga.
Day Two: The morning session will explore the theories of Thomas Hanna in relation to Hanna Somatics namely Sensory Motor Amnesia, Sensory Motor Remembering, Pandiculation, Red Light reflex (Startle reflex), Green Light reflex (Landau reflex) and the Dark Vise. Participants will learn how to determine which reflex is at play.  The afternoon session will explore using Hanna Somatics exercises to address dominant reflexes. 

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
    • Understand and explain confidently what Somatics is
    • Understand how movement patterns present in the body and how you can re-pattern the neuro-muscular       
            system for lasting change 
    • Deepen kinaesthetic awareness through Somatic experience of selected body practice
    • Identify Basic Neuro -developmental Patterns
    • Choose which Neuro-developmental Patterns to apply for balance
    • Identify the Stress Reflexes (Landau, Startle)
    • Choose which Hanna Somatics exercises to apply for which stress reflex
    • Gather new exercise material for their teaching toolbox

You can book for either 1 or both days. Non BWY members are welcome.

Saturday will be a shared lunch, please bring a small vegetarian dish to share.

On Sunday there is the option for a catered  vegetarian buffet. 

 If you require B&B accommodation , there may be local members who could accommodate you. Here are some suggestions

B&B near Wanstrow


Wanstrow Village Hall
Frome Rd


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Ticket Type Price Tickets
Full Price 2 day plus Sunday lunch £120.00
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Full Price 2 day £110.00
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Full Price Saturday 3rd October £60.00
Full price Saturday 3rd October
Full Price Sunday 4th October £60.00
Full price Sunday 4th October

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