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Yoga and Human Being

18th October 2020
at The Yelverton Memorial hall

Yoga and Human Being

Tutor: Ranju Roy

Date: 18th October 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: The Yelverton Memorial hall

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 3

Yoga and Human Being
Outline plan for the day.

The polarities of perusha and prakriti can be symbolically represented by the concepts of axis and form. An axis is an imaginary line around which form moves. form is what we see and what is manifest whilst axis can only ever be inferred. Also, form is finite and is continuously changing, whereas an axis is theoretically infinite - it is not bound by the limitations of form.  The role of prana is to bring perusha and prakriti into relationship, it dances between the two.  By playing with these ideas in asana and pranayama, we can deepen our practice in a creative way to enable an embodied experience of two fundamental concepts of yoga.

10.00 Intro and overview of the theme ( form and axis)
10.30 Practice focusing on form and axis through asana and pranayama.

11.30 Tea break
12.00 Review of practice and develop idea of form with respect to the Gunas.
12.45  Short practice.

1.00  Lunch

2.00 Yoga as relationship; breath as the go between.
2.30 Practice focusing on the role of the breath.
3.15  Review practice
3.30 Review the day.
4pm  Close.

Ranju Roy is a well respected teacher, based in Somerset.  he has taught for many years,and has studied with Paul Harvey  with the late Peter Hersnack.  He teaches and trains teachers  in conjunction with Dave Charleton and  together they have produced many resources to aid yoga study, a series of booklets and CD's
It is a pleasure to invite Ranju to teach this day


The Yelverton Memorial hall
Meavy Lane
PL20 6AL


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