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CPD Ref 20/56 Ayurveda and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika with Tarik Dervish

5th July 2020
at Online Zoom

CPD Ref 20/56 Ayurveda and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika with Tarik Dervish

Tutor: Tarik Dervish

Date: 5th July 2020

Time: 09:30 - 04:00

Location: Online Zoom

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 0

Tarik Dervish - Ayurveda and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

An email invitation will be sent to you the day before event, if you required guidance how to use ZOOM, please let me know. 

Aims of the Morning

To understand the Basic principles of Ayurveda with particular reference to Agni and Aama and apply them to the practice of Asana and Pranayama.


By the end of the morning, students will be able

1. To discuss the basic principles of Ayurveda including 5 elements and 3 doshas (qualities/ functions/ locations) concept of AGNI AND AAMA
2. To practice Asana and Pranayama with an Ayurvedic perspective and particular reference to Agni Deepana (kindling Agni)

Aims of the Afternoon

To gain deeper understanding of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by exploring the Ayurvedic concepts on which it is based.


By the end of the afternoon, students will be able

3. To comprehend the various references made to Ayurveda in the HYP and how it relates to the goals of Hatha Yoga as a whole
4. To discuss the concept of detoxification in Ayurveda and how it has been adapted by the Yoga taught in the HYP with reference to the Shatkarmas.

About the Tutor

Tarik has been teaching Yoga for 20 years and Ayurveda for 10 years. He is a DCT, BWY Diploma holder and also holds an honours degree in Ayurveda. He specialises in building bridges between the two practices to help improve health and wellbeing and create the foundations for a deeper relationship with Self. He also runs an Ayurvedic clinic in Central London. He runs Foundation courses, Teacher Training courses and a BWY Module in Ayurveda..

Outline plan for the day

9.30 Registration and refreshments
10.00 Meditation and familiarisation
10.15pm Introduction to Basic principles of Ayurveda: Elements/ Doshas/ Functions/ Locations/ Qualities
11.15pm Asana with an Ayurvedic approach- Kindling the agni
1.00pm Lunch
2.00 Lecture and Discussion on the links between Ayurveda and the Shatkarmas.
3.00 Break
3.15 Yoga Nidra for Agni deepana
3.45 Meditation and Chanting/ Feedback / Evaluation
4.00 Finish

Other information

On the day, bring your Hatha Yoga Pradikipa with you.


Online Zoom
online zoom


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