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Introduction to Qigong for Yoga Practitoners

12th September 2021
at online

Introduction to Qigong for Yoga Practitoners

Tutor: James Rafael

Date: 12th September 2021

Time: 13:30 - 16:00

Location: online

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 9

Introduction to qigong for yoga practitioners and teachers

Tutor: James Rafael

Date: 12th September 2021

Time: 13:30 - 16:00

Location: online - Zoom Event

Type of Event: Open Day

Places Available: 30

Introduction to qigong for yoga practitioners and teachers with James Rafael

 What is qigong?

Qigong is a vast set of movement, meditation and visualisation practices that seek to give an individual ways of managing their own physical, mental, and energetic wellbeing. It is an ancient Chinese energy cultivation practice with roots in Daoist and Buddhist beliefs and traditions. The practice combines fluid, slow, circular movements with static postures and visualisations. Qigong practices work to create harmony in body and mind and promote health, vitality and wellbeing for the long run.


Overview of this workshop

In this workshop, we will explore an introductory overview of the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, and how it can help enrich your yoga practice and teaching. We will cover what qigong is, it's aims, how it is similar to (and differs from) Tai Chi, and how it draws from both Daoism and Traditional Chinese medicine as a complete system to manage our own health and wellbeing. 

We will explore foundational philosophical principles of the practice such as yi (intention) and wu wei (effortless action); along with physical and energetic principles such as chen (sinking your qi), and balancing the energies of yang and yin by using the meridian system. We will learn simple ways to incorporate these ideas into our yoga self practice and into our teaching.


What to expect

James will open discussion as to what qigong is and the concept of qi or energy. He will guide you through qigong warm ups to release and awaken the major joint structures of the body as well as get qi, blood and lymph flowing throughout the body. He will then introduce energetic and philosophical principles in action through a series of simple, specifically chosen forms (movements) that we will repeat and learn. He will then share how these principles and forms could be woven in an easy, seamless way into a yoga practice using a simple standing sequence.



To offer:

  • An overview and introductory understanding of what qigong is
  • Direct experience of the fundamental principles of qi (energy) flow through movement
  • Simple, easy to follow movements that demonstrate philosophical and energetic principles in action



Participants will:

  • Leave with a more confident understanding of the system of qigong in a broad sense
  • Learn simple, easy to follow forms (qigong movements)
  • Learn which Daoist philosophical principles underpin the practice
  • Explore how to incorporate these forms into your yoga practice and / or teaching



Teaching Material Used On The Day

Zoom, online event hosted by the Somerset

Methods of Presenting the Subject

Experiential sessions (warm ups, forms and movements), discussion and Q&A


Outline Plan for the Day

13:30 Introduction: what is qigong & qi?

13:50 Energetic principles in action: joint releasing, standing meditation posture

14:20 Philosophical principles in action: intention, effortless action

14:50 Directing energy and intention: harmonising yang and yin through flowing movements

15:20 How to incorporate into yoga: simple standing yoga & qigong sequence

15:45 Q&A

16:00 Close


Other Information

The workshop is suitable for practitioners and teachers with a new or beginning curiosity in qigong who would like to learn the basic principles of the practice and how to incorporate them into their practice and teaching.

The full BWY refund policy is under the terms and conditions of the main BWY website -

Please note the event organiser is Jo Webb. 

Email address:

Prior to this event you'll be sent a BWY Health Questionnaire.  To attend the event it is mandatory that you fill out the questionnaire and return it as instructed before the day of the event.

A few days before the event additional information, including the Zoom links, will be sent out to those attending.

About James Rafael

James Rafael is passionate about movement and meditation and their power to bring about positive social and environmental change. Drawing deeply from natural imagery and poetry, his intention is to encourage curiosity and a sense of being on an adventure in practice. His classes and courses endeavour to leave you feeling revitalised and uplifted.

James is certified through the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance, and holds The Triyoga Teacher Training Diploma with a distinction. He is certified to teach Qigong through his teacher Mathew Cohen and life long friend Mimi Kuo-Deemer. He mentors both established yoga teachers and new graduates on how to incorporate the practices and philosophies of mindfulness and qigong into the teaching of yoga. 

Freedom. Strength. Healing

This is what practice means to me. Over the last decade yoga, mindfulness, and qigong have not only transformed my life and health - they pretty much saved it. They freed me from a lifetime of self-destructive behaviours and gave my life clarity, purpose and meaning. There’s nothing more important to me than sharing this.


I teach in a way which is emotionally intelligent but direct, disciplined but playful, logical but humorous. I share the things which have worked for me, things which originate from my direct experience over the years.


I first came to meditation back in 2009. I’d graduated from Cambridge University after reading English Literature, but just one year into corporate life in London and I was burning out, suffering panic attacks, partying too hard, and on the verge of entering rehab. Meditation gave me a sliver of breathing space, just enough to pluck up the courage to go my first yoga class. Yoga was challenging; both physically and mentally.


Over time, meditation and yoga helped me to confront a lot of uncomfortable truths in my life and move beyond them; freedom, strength, and healing were the result. As my own practice and fascination deepened, I decided to train so I could share and try to make some small difference in an increasingly complicated world.


Today, I share these practices throughout central London to people of all levels, backgrounds and incomes so that they too might benefit and find positive change.







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