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IST Ref 18/51 Bones for Life -Walk for Life

23rd June 2018
at The Village Hall Yelverton

IST Ref 18/51 Bones for Life -Walk for Life

Tutor: Marye Wyvill

Date: 23rd June 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: The Village Hall Yelverton

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 5


IST Courses

Marye wyvill

Bones for Life - Walk for Life

Aims of the Morning

To introduce the background and methodology of Ruthy Alon's "Bones for Life" programme, which incorporates "Walk for Life"
To demonstrate how distribution of pressure in the foot affects posture, balance and mobility
To restore springiness and flexible articulation to the knees
To expand freedom of movement and flexibility in the hip joint while securing a reliable, uncompromised alignment of posture


Participants will discover where the pressure of the foot needs to be focused in ideal walking
Participants will learn how to mechanically create and mentally accept unlocked knees
Participants will train the hip joint to avoid over-reacting under transmission of pressure coming from the foot in walking

Aims of the Afternoon

To address problems of over-flexibility and over-rigidity in the lumbar
To improve comfort and efficiency in walking by fostering harmonious co-ordination between all body parts
To enhance the pleasure of moving, thereby strengthening the bones


Participants will learn practices to align the lumbar and avoid the compulsive and uncontrolled exaggeration of a compressed in-curve
Participants will work towards encouraging the upper body to correspond in more harmony and precision to the lower body whilst walking

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Handouts, black/white board, charts/posters - all will be used throughout the day

Methods of presenting the subject

Demonstration, discussion, group/pair work, self-discovery, experiential, short lecture

About the Tutor

Marye Wyvill (Upasana) trained for five years at the Dharma Yoga Centre under the tutelage of Julie Friedeberger and Swami Dharmananda, and later spent four years as a resident and teacher at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales.
She has also trained on Ruthy Alon\\\\\\\'s Bones for Life programme, designed to stimulate bone strength through natural movement and weight-bearing posture.
As well as teaching a BWY-recognized IST course Movement, Pleasure and Insight, she is also co-tutor with Rajesh David on his Nada Yoga courses.
She has produced three CDs of Yoga Nidra practices.

Outline plan for the day

10.00 Start - short relaxation; 10.15 Introduce the methodology of "Walk for Life" within the context of Ruthy Alon's "Bones for Life" programme
10.30 Focus on feet, knees and hips
12.45 Q&A with reference to integrating above into weekly yoga classes
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00 Focus on lumbar
2.45 Relaxation
3.00 Co-ordinating a springy and dynamic walk
3.45 Q&A with reference to integrating above into weekly yoga classes

Other information

Whilst this course complements "Bones for Life", it is not necessary to have attended "Bones for Life" in order to benefit from "Bones for Life - Walk for Life". The course is aimed not only at teachers who wish to integrate exercises designed to combat osteoporosis into their weekly classes, but at anyone with a desire to improve their movement and posture.


The Village Hall Yelverton
Meavy Lane
PL20 6AL


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