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Avon & Somerset Festival

1st September 2018
at Draycott Memorial Hall

Avon & Somerset Festival

Tutor: Various

Date: 1st September 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Draycott Memorial Hall

Type of Event: Festival

Places Available: 13

Avon & Somerset Joint Festival
Yoga with like-minded people
Saturday 1st September 2018

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Linda Morley +


Yoga, anytime, any place , anywhere

Introducing Somatic Movement with Nicola Walter

Introducing Somatic Movement Exercise with Nicola Walter

Somatic Movement Exercise, created by Thomas Hanna, looks to educate clients toward a "somatic” perspective, that everything we experience in our lives is reflected in a bodily experience. Connecting at this inner felt-sense level empowers the individual to become more aware of how tension or habitual movement patterns can get stuck in the body and cause discomfort. Then, through tapping into our minds voluntary ability to focus, we can look to re-educate the body to regain comfort and ease. I find this beautifully supports the sutra of sthira sukham asanam in preparing for asana practice.

The wonderful journey of study and teaching, started for me some seven years ago when I embarked on the BWY level 4 teaching Diploma. I then deepened my knowledge taking the BWY module in yoga nidra. Not long after that I came to the practice of mindfulness with MindfulnessUK, gaining the Mindfulness and Compassion level 4 CPCAB. And finally, to date, after being introduced to Somatics and taken with the practice for its ability to blend so beautifully with yoga and mindfulness I have recently trained with Align Somatics

Nicola Walter

Neals Yard - hand massage & products

Anjali Hansmukh Kaur
Anjali Hansmukh Kaur

I first discovered yoga after my mum passed away in 2002 and in this discovery began a deep love affair that continues to this day. My initial practice was based in Hatha yoga until discovering Kundalini yoga in 2006. Kundalini yoga then lead me to Shakti Dance which felt like an instant home coming from the first time I experienced it! Nowadays my daily personal practice involves a mixture of styles as the feeling comes! I continue to deepen my practice by studying with different teachers whenever possible. I currently teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Shakti Dance (the Yoga of Dance).

My main focus when teaching is allowing people to come into an awareness of the deep silence that is always present within. As we access this silence through yoga and dance we connect with the true nature of our existence, enabling us to go beyond the stresses placed on us by modern day living. I really enjoy bringing a sense of fun, joy and openness to my classes, retreats and workshops and have no choice but to simply share from my heart. I also like to bring a sense do community to everything I do. We share this journey of life together and our yoga practice does not stop when we roll up our mats. There should always be time for sharing together so that we can support each other as we awaken and grow.

Pam Jeffreys - Guided Relaxation

Anna Elliott
Anaharta yoga - finding self compassion in our practice

Anne Bond
 Introduction to Gentle Years Yoga

I am sure that as yoga teachers we would all agree that the role and value of yoga in promoting physical and mental health for older people cannot be understated.  In a recent Sunday Times article, journalist Anna Murphy writes: "Yoga has altered the nature of physical ageing for me. The process no longer feels to me to be only about decline” (Murphy A, 2018).

I feel proud to have been part of the start of the BWY Gentle Years Yoga© course, which I recommend unreservedly, and I feel privileged to be able to engage with my older students throughout South Somerset as they get involved in all things yogic each week, helping to promote better quality of life in their, and my, ‘gentler years’


Draycott Memorial Hall
Latches Lane
BS27 3UE


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