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IST Ref No 18/52 Observations in Asana

25th March 2018
at Bristol Yoga Space

IST Ref No 18/52 Observations in Asana

Tutor: Paul Harvey

Date: 25th March 2018

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Bristol Yoga Space

Type of Event:

Places Available: 5

Prana, Patanjali and Practice

Through practice, presentation, study and discussion we will explore the roles and purpose of Rāja and Haṭha Yoga.

The concepts of Energy, the influence of Mind and the emphasis on Practice have been the continuing focus for Yoga Teachings and Teachers since the time of Patañjali. What are these concepts, how can they be appreciated and utilised in times & cultures very different from their origins?

This CPD day will be an exploration of these themes through practice, study, discussion and reflection, drawing on traditional and contemporary Yoga teachings and practices.

This will be linked to the common energetic principles underpinning Haṭha Yoga and Āyurveda and how they can be applied in terms of recovery, support or developmental roles for the students starting point, potential and goals.

The day will suit Teachers and Students interested in how Yoga can be applied within a teaching curriculum whilst still integrating the deeper potentials of Yoga theory and practice into both short term and longer term needs and goals.
Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share.
About the Tutor: 
Paul, a pupil of TKV Desikachar through personal lessons in Madras over 20 years, has taught in the US, Canada, Israel and Europe as well as around the UK over 40 years. His study in the Arts of Yoga Sādhana is complemented by trainings in Indian Carnatic Singing, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Medical Herbalism and Kinesiology.

It was when Paul met and worked in England with his root teacher TKV Desikachar in 1976 and again in 1978 studied in Switzerland with both TKV Desikachar and his younger brother TK Sribashyam, that he realised the deeper potential of Yoga through the approach of their father and teacher the eminent T Krishnamacharya.

This led in 1979, after a formal request and acceptance by Desikachar as a pupil immediately following that first meeting in 1976, to a two year residence in South India studying and practising within the traditional setting of teacher and apprentice pupil meeting together 121.

Returning some 30 times over the next 20 years enabled Paul to study in depth, through personal lessons, many aspects of Yoga practice, as well as a detailed exploration of important Yoga and Hindu Texts, along with other facets of the primary Indian traditions such as Vedic Chanting, Vedic Rituals, Indian Vocal practices, Saṃskṛta and Āyurveda.


Bristol Yoga Space
Princes Place
Just off Gloucester Road


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