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Journey Around Sarvangasana

14th October 2017
at Chacewater Village Hall

Journey Around Sarvangasana

Tutor: Virginia Kempster

Date: 14th October 2017

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Chacewater Village Hall

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 12

Aims of the morning

Asana and pranayama practice using the principles of Gravity, Breath, Wave to prepare the body for inverted postures.

Further pranayama to slow the pace and initiate a deeper level of understanding

After a short break there will be a session working in pairs to illustrate and affirm the earlier practice
By the end of the morning the students will have:

Practiced asana and pranayama preparing the body for the possibility of inverted poses

Used pranayama to balance the mind and body and to measure the practice

Discussed the previous practice and worked in pairs to develop a more ‘liberated’ Sarvangasana

Aims of the Afternoon
Discussion of the morning’s practice relating to the needs of the student with particular
reference as to how these can be best addressed in a class situation.

Practice in pairs to explore modifications, variations and counterposes (both asana and pranayama) and how they can be included as part of a flowing lesson

By the end of the afternoon the students will have:

Questioned and discussed teaching points in relation to the practice and to students’ requirements.

Continued to work in pairs to investigate a fresh approach to modifications, variations and counterposes.

Other information:

Sarvangasana and related postures can be the bane of a Yoga teacher’s life. Many students have an aversion to being ‘upside down’ and certainly there are just as many for whom it is not an appriopriate practice, or physically inadvisable. However, the benefits are legion and it would be remiss to cast the practice to one side. We will travel towards Sarvangasana, taking some detours and working with the Scaravelli principles of Gravity, Breath, Wave. Using asana and pranayama to encourage releases and initiate a more complete understanding of the posture in body and mind.

This day is suitable for teachers and student teachers of all abilities as there will always be a place to rest, to stop, with no demands to force the body any further than it wants or needs to go.

About the Tutor

Ginny Kempster lives in Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9SB. She has been a BWY Diploma holder since 1990 with Monica Burton as her Tutor. She took the YBT Yoga therapy course in 1994. Since 1989 she has taught several classes weekly to mixed groups of all abilities for Adult Education, privately, in schools, workplaces, Health Clubs etc. as well as teaching one-to-one students She has also been teaching several regular workshops, weekends and Yoga holidays in the UK, Europe and the USA. She has been a recognised TPOT since 1993 and an IST tutor since 2006.


Chacewater Village Hall
Church Hill,
Chacewater - Truro


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