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Sensing Space with Movement - Ian Standen

9th August 2020
at Zoom Session

Sensing Space with Movement - Ian Standen

Tutor: Ian Standen

Date: 9th August 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Location: Zoom Session

Type of Event: Other

Places Available: 0

Ian Standen has been a practicing architect for the last 3 decades and now teaches architecture at
the University of Wales Trinity St David.
Ian studied for the BWY Diploma and more recently BWY Anatomy of Movement with the South
West Yoga Academy in Bristol with Andrea Newman and Eve Douglas.
An architect’s vocabulary often involves developing ideas of creating three dimensional space,
through structure, form, geometry and growth. A philosophical concern for universal design and
access for all has underpinned his approach to architecture. A fascination with how we experience
the world through our senses and how we occupy and move through space has led Ian to the
enlightenment of yoga.
Through yoga he encourages students to tune in to their senses, by reaching, breathing and
exploring space both mentally and physically.

Workshop: Sensing Space with Movement
Building on the theme of Anatomy of movement this workshop explores the range of physical
movement through asana practice exploring individual variation of range of motion (ROM) of the
joints. Presenting key ideas of being grounded before movement and the interrelationship between
movement and breathing. Through Asana we explore alignment with focus on spatial and whole
body awareness, pushing and reaching, levers, kinetic chains and vectors in space.
 Practice of dynamic and static poses with integrity in movement to encourage growth,
lengthen, expand and breathe with control.
 Passive poses (letting go of unnecessary muscle use).
 Orientation through proprioception and interoception.
 How we stabilise and balance when standing and moving.
In summary, raising awareness of relationships within the body, body and environment, body and
Whether you are experienced or a complete beginner this workshop is suitable for everyone who
has attended yoga classes. Please take responsibility for yourself and decide what is right for you on
the day as I may not be able to see everything you do during the online session.
We will finish with a guided relaxation.
Please have a block or two, a tie/scarf/belt, a cushion and a blanket.

NB. If you have not attended a yoga class via Zoom it is far easier than you might imagine. You need to book onto this workshop on the BWY website, and ensure your email is correct.  A week before the event you will be sent a link, a meeting identification number and a password. If you are going to use the same devise you have your emails on then just click (press) the link and you will be told that you are in a virtual waiting room and the "host” will let you in. I will open the meeting at 9.30 so anyone new to Zoom can come early to ensure all is working. If you are going to use a different devise from the one you receive your emails, then use the meeting number and password. We are yogis … we are flexible!


Zoom Session
Via Zoom


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