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Using Mudras and Bandhas for inner strength and inner stillness

29th July 2017
at Risca Youth and Community Hall

Using Mudras and Bandhas for inner strength and inner stillness

Tutor: Marilyn Heginbotham

Date: 29th July 2017

Time: 10:00 - 16:30

Location: Risca Youth and Community Hall

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 29

Using Mudras and Bandhas for inner strength and inner stillness

Aims of the Morning
1.To explain with practical work and handouts,moola bandha and uddiyand bandha, their benefits and relation to our pranic body.
2. To introduce the developing of core strength using bandhas, as well as deepening pranayama practice.

1. That students should understand the feel of the bandhas and be able to employ them. 
2. That students should be able to understand the benefits of bandhas and how they can be used in a very practical way.

Aims of the Afternoon
1 To show the many different kinds of mudras with different uses and how they can be employed in everyday life 
2. To demonstrate how the use of mudra and bandha can be used as a vehilcle for meditation promoting stillness.

1That students should know there are more than hasta mudras and experience them [kaya mudras, theraputic mudras and and mana mudras]. 
2. That students should understand and feel the different effects of mudras and bandhas and feel the stillness with their use.

Outline plan for the day
10 a.m Introduction saying the full benefits of bandhas..particularly moola bandha with hand outs on this
10.15 till 10 30 Diaphragmatic breathing /abdominal breathing introducing moola bandha 
10.30 till 10.45 Thoracic breathing [introducing uddyana ] to full yogic breath with two bandhas 
10.45 till 11Pelvic floor tilts with moola bandha /Bridges holding bandhas till 11.15Core strength sit ups [breath/ bandhas ] pelvic tilts 
11.15 till 11.30 Dynamic Ha breath with moola [standing now ] This is dramatic, so a stop to feel, and then ask students how they feel… and comfort break 
11.30 till 11.45 Uddyana bandha and nauli 
11.45 till 12 00 Standing practises using bandhas Stop to see if this is working 
12. 00 till 12.15 In semi supine practise breathing and using bandhas inc jalndhara 
12.15 till 12. 30 Vipareeta karani on two blocks to bridge with blocks 
12.30 Matsyasana with two blocks 
12.35 pm till 12.45 Savasana 
12.45 Kapalabhati with all bandhas How do you feel? 
1.00 Lunch PM 
2. 00 Questions on the mornings’ practise. does anyone want to write anything down? 
2.20 Intro to mudras noting that VK is a full body mudra and that mudras are not just hand gestures, they are the hasta mudras. There are head mudras [mana [ and postural mudras {kaya ] Chat about mudras, how to apply them for practical everyday use and therapeutic use inc full body mudras, eye mudras, as well as hand gestures and hasta mudras for breathing. 
2.30. pm Stretch and hasta mudras 
2.45 Tadagi mudra 
2.55 Hand outs on mudras, including such things as mudras for abundance and removing obstacles and emotional stability. 
3.15 Yoga nidra prana mudra 
3.45 Close with meditation with hakini [balancing] mudra and oms. EVALUATION How do you feel? questions

Other information
Aimed at all levels and if possible for students to bring two blocks. I will bring some [20] for those that have not got or forget.

About the Tutor
I have studied and practised yoga now for over thirty years and been teaching[which I love] for 13. I hold BWY certificates for teaching, teaching yoga to children, teaching Foundations level one and two. I studied for two years at the Yoga Therapy center with Dr Robin Monroe, at The Royal Homeopathic Hospital, for Yoga Therapy, specializing in back care, cancer care, and breathing. I graduated with a distinction, from a four month residential course in yogic studies at the Bihar school of Yoga in Munger, India, and have trained with Shiva Rea for flow yoga and in depth training for meditation with Erich Schiffman in the USA and for core strength with Anna Forest.


Risca Youth and Community Hall
Risca Youth and Community Hall
NP11 6BH


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