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ONLINE Mantra Class - Awakening Mind, Body & Spirit though Mantra

12th July 2020

ONLINE Mantra Class - Awakening Mind, Body & Spirit though Mantra

Tutor: Julie Hemmings

Date: 12th July 2020

Time: 19:00 - 21:00


Type of Event: Other

Places Available: 15

Join us online via Zoom for an evening of yoga and mantra

Awakening Mind, Body & Spirit though Mantra


"The fundamental feature of all mantras is sound vibration. These vibrations act to awaken awareness, devotion, insight and wisdom, to heal ailments and help us fulfil our aims. Thus they are of value in every sphere of our lives”. Swami Nishchalananda


This two hour class will awaken and enliven every cell, nadi and neurone through the use of sound. Mantra chanting can be used for simple or more complex aims. At it’s basic level, it helps to stop the chatter of the mind. On a deeper level, we are tuning into the underlying cosmic vibration of the Universe. Chanting can energise the body, purify the nadis, prepare the mind for meditation, and even heal and protect us.


In our session we will work through a varied programme to introduce some simple chanting into our Yoga practice:-


·       Simple mantras and seed sounds with Asana

·       Mahat Yoga Pranayama with mantras

·       Japa (repetition of Mantra)

·       Learn three mantras

·       Ajapa Japa Meditation

·       Short Yoga Nidra


Please wear comfortable yoga clothing and use your usual yoga equipment (mats, blocks, belts, cushions, blankets). If you have a Mala, please have it with you. It’s not essential, but nice to use if you have one. All the Mantras will be put up on the screen, plus a handout will be emailed to you prior to the event.


About the Tutor – Julie Hemmings

Julie is a Senior Yoga Alliance Professionals and BWY Tutor with over 24 years of yoga teaching experience. She is passionate about chanting and runs regular CPD days on Mantra, Meditation and Pranayama, as well as an 8 month Pranayama Training course. She developed a daily chanting practice many years ago as a regular attendee at the Mandala Yoga Ashram. She is also one half of Joyful Heart Kirtan, a Midlands-based Kirtan group.

Please contact BWY area rep / event organiser Jules for more information about the session or for help accessing Zoom. The event is free to members, £5 for nonmembers as our small way of supporting you get through these challenging times. 


Calverton Way


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