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All about OM: Opening to the Expression of Simply Being

14th October 2017
at The Bonded Warehouse

All about OM: Opening to the Expression of Simply Being

Tutor: Andrew Wrenn

Date: 14th October 2017

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: The Bonded Warehouse

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 15

About the Day

The day is aimed at teachers, student teachers or those with some experience of philosophy, pranayama, asana and meditation.
The day will give a basic understanding of the OM symbol and introduce the idea of a new enquiry into your (and your students') approach to yoga directly relating to the OM.  You will practice postures and movement, pranayama, meditation and chanting, with insight.  In the afternoon, we'll discuss all of the elements of the morning's practice - physical, spiritual and philosophical.  By the end of the day. you should feel competent to practise and teach pranayama and have more understanding on how to put a philosophical theme into class plans.

The aims of this day are to:
  • Introduce the philosophical ideas of the OM symbol and the experiential relevance this has upon our yoga practice and day to day lives,
  • Chant the Om mantra,
  • Learn how to apply the philosophy through the tools of Asana (limbering movements and classical postures),
  • Learn how to apply the philosophy during a short meditation,
  • Learn the concept of using the physical body and breath as a medium to present moment realisation (the expression of simply being),
  • Experience a Satsang (spiritual and philosophical discussion), talking about the theme and also how to pass this on to students,
  • Explore postures (including inversions) from upon the mat, with reference throughout to the day's theme,
  • Practice pranayama, looking at the physical benefits but also how the practice directly relates to the philosophy,
  • Finish with a relaxation.

About the Tutor

Andrew Wrenn is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher with influences from different and classical hatha yoga traditions. He shares his practice as a fusion of breath-coordinated movements and classical postures which promote strength, flexibility and balance, culminating in a practice adaptable to all.

Having a background based in biology and an interest in different philosophical systems, Andrew discovered the benefits of yoga in his late 20’s. As a life-long asthmatic he turned to the yogic breathing techniques when his doctor prescribed stronger medication for the condition. Instead of increasing the medication he is now almost totally free from the symptoms and medication.

Since the late 90's Andrew has maintained a daily practice which has had a profoundly positive effect upon his physical and mental well-being. He is continuing to develop his practice and understanding of the principles and philosophy of yoga by exploring different approaches, such as attending retreats lead by international teacher Clive Sheridan.

Andrew has taught and led retreats in Europe, Middle East and India. His wish is to pass on his experience and understanding of yoga instructively, yet also with delight and passion.  He teaches regularly on the leading European Yoga website Ekhart Yoga.

Andrew is married to yogini Francesca, and they enjoy sharing their passion for yoga at their studio Pure Yoga Cheshire in Macclesfield and with workshops in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Other information

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch and your usual yoga equipment.

Early bird discount is available provided you book and pay by Saturday, 16 September 2017.

Event Organiser

Janet Cooper

West Midlands County Representative


The Bonded Warehouse
Canal Street
West Midlands


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